Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Hi !
We all have grown/ growing- up and at each stage we have contradicting situations to what we we want and what we do with privelage!!!I have encountered this dilema quite often with my kids , both of them are quite out spoken and reflexive... obviously embarassing for me..!For instance.. responding when they are told what to do or in there language justifying for not doing and from my perspective... trying to act smart. Yes in my childhood days, I never had oppurtunities to even have eye contact with elders in particular - Dad, Mom, elder sisters & brothers, all I was expected to , was to do as directed.... or as told.It is an ironical situation now that , I feel that my kids ( prsent generation) should be given there rights to express.... and eventually I am at the recieve end again , having grown up to the status of a father but still listen to what to be done or rather follow as told or instructed.... I used to wonder as a kid that when I grow up that I also would get a chance to say thimgs to people....., paradoxical ...! or is it that I am leaving too much for the sake of being considerate.....
Well think it over.. share your thoughts..

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