Saturday, 16 February 2008

Beware of your surroundings

Hi All...!
I said that I would be penning quite sooner, I never assumed that it would so often... the reason is that..I am idling my time awaiting to take on my new assignment....and eventually.. it has become quite punishing to sit and do nothing at all.. I had resorted to one of the engaging thing is that to keep fuming out my childhood in a way "reliving those... pleasant days..

Yes.. not many of us have this situation where you move a twig that as a news reaches home even before you lift your fingers from the twig...( I would rather defy that the SATNAVS... GPRS.. are quite naive and primitive to the type of the reputation and human network our family had developed during the course of say 35 - 40 years residing in that colony of ours..!)My beloved brother Raja with whom I had always looked up next to my elder sister Chandra...not that my other - brother Bala or Sister Jaya.. all are equally placed.. but you always tend to have favorites.. Raja - used to be quite brash and arrogant...which had led not only him into innumerable troubles..
Our Granny used to visit the hospital for her regular medical check-up.. She was suffering from blood pressure she was almost 70 years and half her life she has been in that colony, whereby any new Doctors either being newly recruited or reporting from any other Railway Hospital or they are getting transferred from this hospital there was customary "Welcoming / Farewell" meal at our house for the Doctors and their family....Hence she had the liberty in advising the doctors about the prescription of the medicines for her medication not to miss on the administration of injection with the shots and measures... ( Ironically the doctors would give her a shot with distilled water and vitamin pills in colours that she mentions') They would admire her courage to walk down to hospital almost 5 miles up and down from our house always alone and punctuality in visiting the doctor for check up..Well his will also shed light on the type of the network that had been developed involuntarily....The walk to the hospital is also a lovely promenade. with the huge trees on both the sides of the road the edge of the road you have the storm water drain that was so well done such that each house entrance will have a sort of culvert and on both the sides you would see a ramp to sit.. Well it was such an amazing pace.. every aspects of it keeps, one wondering. My Granny would relax on this ramp on her trip to the hospital.
After that incident of caning..!! it was during our examination time , Raja had to make trip to a place near the hospital..The workshop where my Dad was working was also there.. and on that instance Raja had to go by walk.. which he reluctantly went after quite a protest,... and my elder Brothers' cycle was parked at home...We were busy studying and Sister Jaya was as usual busy with her knitting, Granny was sitting outside in Sunlight and my Mum was busy at the kitchen ... I heard somebody opening the entrance door... I assumed it to be Raja. on getting to the entrance.. it was one of the worker from the workshop who used to go across our house, stopped by,, with a very concerned look. said," I saw Raja at armory Gate being detained by a Cop...!". This news was like wild fire in the forest... as my Dad was not home.. and my elder brother.. Bala & me we all got disturbed.. not left to assume anything bizarre..I stayed back home with my Mom and Granny, Bala, took the cycle and went rushing to the location and We not knowing what to do but just idling the time until we could get the message ... meanwhile my Granny was so seriously paying and my Mom was all tears..cursing the fate.... the situation was quitely getting out of control..
Meanwhile.. I was getting back to the backyard to have the watering to the plants to be completed.. in a way hiding from the grim situation... to my surprise I saw Raja opening the backyard gate and very casually coming in...! I was literally counting stars..!
I all at once jumped in a joy... pulled him to my Mom & Granny for both of them were spell bound and looked at him with their mouth gapping open and no words coming out ..It was like watching a miming movie with no audio...Well meanwhile ... Bala came complaining that he could not find Raja.. and he inquired at the police station also they had no clue what so ever..!! as he walked in seeing Raja standing there.. he was blown ... and furiously approached him to strike him for having put all at home to such a turmoil..!
Raja looked totally puzzled.. he was also confused .. having completed the work given to him, quickly and coming home, why all are raging up against him..!
Well it was again my Granny.. who pulled Raja aside and conducted the inquiry.. it slowly got revealed that ..After having walked all the distance.. he was tired.. and he squatted for a while on one of the ramps.. near the the same time one of the constable who was also coming by walk.. sat next to him and they were chatting with no particular subject, Raja was even mentioning the constables name as he was our acquaintance...meanwhile.. Dad had reached home listeing to the story about Raja.. and the constable.. looking worried..
While Granny had completed the query and came to know the facts.. all of us had a sigh of relief ..and saw our Dad's face relaxing..and all burst to roaring laughter..
From that day onwards.. non of us were refused to take the bicycle to go out to do any domestic work..but ironically.. I was not given permission to take the bicycle to school ....even till I completed high school..

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