Sunday, 18 January 2009

Never Forgive- Professional traits

Hi All!!!
Well the professional traits of one are not hereditary but, it gets imbibed onto oneself, the way one handles and perceives the situation, that comes across ones personal life...!! The academics profess only the theoretical knowledge. The situation warrants the application of the basic knowledge with improvisation in ones instinct and pro activness towards the situation...!
I was just in the beginning of my " Management Training " at the renowned 5* hotel. It was so nice as I and my friend Micheal Arul ( Who is now Principal of Chennai Catering College) had agreed to join duty a month ahead of all our other mates who in total 33 of us from the same college joined as "Management Trainee" having got selected in campus interview..! We were over enthusiastic and obsessed with the entry into such a distinguished organisation..
The first month was uneventful.. and subsequently when all my mates joined us and we were attending the "INDUCTION PROGRAMME".. I was running around that day to organise a request from my beloved brother's friend - Sameer who had been working with one of the national newspaper " The Indian Express" as sports journalist. His mentor, Mr. Rajan Bala was visiting his house and he wanted to impress him with " BLACK FOREST GATEAUX" and that too from the hotel where I worked it was something most appreciated...! I went down to place an order at the pastry shop where we had staff discount during the break and I was late by a minute and I was reprimanded by the Personal Manager.. I was cursing myself.. for having got into their attention in a negative frame...!I collected the BLACK FOREST GATEAUX to Sameer's house and I was spell bound meeting such a personality who is so versatile in his field.. and he was non stop.. orator.. from 7 P.M. to 9-45 P.M. I could only see Rajan Bala talking and all of us including Sameer who is so aggressive.. was a mute spectator and on and off he too was pecked over.. for his altruistic attempt in his early days as "TRAINEE" in times being vengeful and at times passive . Well , though it was nice and informative... but the incident at the Induction was bothering me..
That was the time my cousin- Muru and Family had come down from Paris on vacation and all were surprised to know that I had pursued totally a different career, which was quite a vogue in western countries at that time... ( To tell you the truth, even today my Mom shuns away if anyone ask her, what her Youngest Son is Doing- she would shrink in herself to utter that " "He is a chef!!!!" I still yearn for her to accept me as I am.. though she wanted to see me as a Doctor!!!")
While I was excited receiving my cousin Muru & his family.. being at the 5* hotel.. I asked them to come down to the hotel and at that time I was working in a speciality restaurant... I was working on split shift.. and during my break when they arrived at the hotel.. the security guard.Nelson would not let me go inside.. as I was staff.... Only HOD's are permitted or else a HOD has to approve my presence in their..!I was turning red in front of my cousin and sister - in - law ( Pascale)!!!!I totally felt ashamed.. but yet Muru was consoling me and we all went to one of the another ... 5*Hotel, had our lunch. IT HAD HURT MY EGO VERY BADLY...
You can also say.. I used to be brash and that kind incident had infuriated me ..
The Security Staff who report for night shift always come by 10 P.M. The staff canteen would always be closed... Well after a couple of weeks.. while I was on duty.. the same old security person came rushing to get his dinner ,while I was in the kitchen demanding his meal, as the staff canteen was closed.. but I reflexively refused to give him food stating that he had to produce me the " Inter Kitchen Transfer note" The kitchen was about to get closed and this guy was desperate to get the food from my Kitchen.. I made sure that he did not get the food and saw that the kitchen was closed ... while I left the kitchen that day I had a sense of relief in me.. I had a remorse feeling for this guy who was still bragging about me not giving him the food... while I was clocking out an hour later...!The next day while I was reporting to work he was still at the sentry... not relieved and he was continuing double shift.. and had no time for breakfast too..!As I came in he was glaring at me... and I straight away told him... " Do not dream to get food from my Kitchen ever in your life..!!"
Though now I feel little funny about the incident... but ... that was how it had unfurled... my career - moulding me to be agressive ...!

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