Sunday, 6 September 2009

Life.. is it worth for what we drag ourself into...

Well I suppose that now I am not getting frequent chances to sit in front the P.C.well, I was little bit annoyed for not been able to fiddle around the key board.Ironically I could not due to professional and circumstantial compulsions..!
The fight to achieve the materialistic gains against all odds is spelt as experience.. but I never ever imagined that,...."To get the salary which ought to happen, depositing that salary to my NRE account... should happen ... calling my beloved ones... having the phone in your hand that too a state of art instrument with active network .. should be no problem, subsequently, have an iphone..!( seen movies people get mugged- while I was a victim.. loosing my wallet and iphone on the streets, all my communication goes hay weird..)expecting the account does not get over drawn with your minimal commitment as the loss had been too much since last 18 months on an average 225 quids a month..! All look and apparently silly if did not happen, ironically nothing happened as easy it appeared.. I literally labored for each of this and particularly my account getting over drawn... it hurts me so much yet I could not do much as by next month end even before my salary is credited, my account will be debited of 225 quids... thanks to Lloyds TSB for their funny and puzzling banking charges!!!!!the O2 insurance company giving me excuses till date, that they do not have the stock of the iphone- 24 days. since i lodged my complaints and the best part is, I have my recieved the bill for the period that I had lost my phone and have not taken the service....

My juggling of employment from O.W.H. to subsequent projects, though I had contributed towards the stabilization of the respective projects... it all got beyond the oblivion..! I pushed them all behind and still attempted to really create something new..! The accident at T-5 and inhuman behaviour by Nathan the Head Chef had driven me to become more desperate in my attempt to establish myself.. Mr. Sampath the Group Chairman of Sun Hotels, rued me into their new project, where they had taken franchise of Holiday Inn. Initially I was proposed to be their Head Chef and later since Sudip who was the Hotel G.M. had his own team coming from India his confidants..!I was later asked to take up as Sous Chef.. while my interview and meetings with Mr. Sampath had been superficial, my papers were processed by Suresh and later it got transferred to Sudip and all agreed terms where into thin air and it had to be a new proposal and ironically, Sudip was getting desperate to get me in as Head Chef - Bhaskar Banerjee's arrival was getting delayed. I with my injured hand from T-5 joined them unofficially till my papers could get processed.

Every day was a challenge as I had to travel from Northwood to Surbiton a couple of hours by bus one way. I could not afford to go by Tube / National Rail as it was too expensive,and also, Sudip agreed to reimburse my conveyance all was oral understanding and it was only let to be in words and never got honoured. I was really challenging myself in all aspects, physical endurance , with injured arm, financially as I was run down completely attempting to be abreast with my new commitments-House Loan. This became quite an issue and as of date, I have not cherished the fact that I have a flat for myself( on Loan from IDBI)...

The solicitor- Mr. Kumar Subramaian of Ismail & Co was processing my papers, I had proposed Ravinder Kaur the solicitor who was specialist in work Permits.. but for reasons that Sudip is aware of.. they had decided to go with Mr. Kumar and not even with the solicitor who processed his visa.

My visa was for 5 years earlier from Gordon Ramsay Holdings represented by Ravinder. I had my doubt about Mr. Kumar as I had fair knowledge of his style of work. Eventually while the minimum period had passed by , while I enquired the status, I was given the news that my case has been put on QUERY.. Later, I was asked to submit my agreement copy from the Home Office.. which in the first instant had to be submitted initially.
I had resigned at Gordon Ramsay and I was dump struck with the new development and a new crisis at my hand. I was mentally preparing to head back home and my NRI LOAN for my flat at stake. These facts were looming over my thoughts a spider webs..

My vacation to India was too short and those 14 days trip was so short.. we literally had no moments to talk what happened.. the court session, being advised by my legal council.. Mr. Sudhakar Sharma, that it had come to final stage and it would be advantageous if I were to be present.. the dates were back to back...( The legal battle by me and against me by O.W.H. that is getting dragged since 2007)The first date was postponed as the Judge had to participate for an identity parade - that case that I am charging the company. Incidentally the earlier judge was Mr. Satish Kumar a Metropolitan Judge and recently the courts were getting sorted with new jurisdiction and nevertheless, my case was to be postponed. My legal council Mr. Sudhakar Sharma was held up in another case at another court were he was present.. and by the time when my case was called for.. my solicitor was not present . Since the case is represented by council.. the Judge enquired.. I was so frustrated.. I requested that I would represent myself.. somehow.. that Judge said he would give time till lunch break , for my council to be present. The final moment came while Mr. Sudhakar Sharma came and we were waiting till the end of the day.. I was seeing the Judge leaving in a hurrry, later we were given the stock of the situation , that He had to participate in an identity parade.. so my case was adjourned for next date...!!!!had Mr. Sudhakar been available while he ameena called my case , this adjournment could have been avoided.
Well I was consoling myself that at least my other case would make my trip purposeful..
I was teased by my guilty conscious as I had skipped travelling to Chennai I was telling myself that I would call them and explain to everyone about the situation..
The next occasion at the court was like rubbing salt to my wound, I reached the court and my council was waiting at his chamber.. and we reached the court room.. I still, do not comprehend the council attitude.. why should they leave the scene while the ameena calls out the case ..I was so upset, despite waiting there in that bustling juncture.. where we ought to have our ears sharpened to hear to the call out.. at that moment.. Mr. Sudhakar Sharma vanished to answer a call.. whilst I was transfused as my name was being announced.. I was dangling in between, seeing the opponent at the dais and at last Mr. Sudhakar Sharma graces the scene.. within me I was boiling and had to control myself.. as the Judge asked for the arguments.. the accusing council was caught on wrong foot as they were bikkering on point that was long ago accomplished by us - paying in the guarantee amount of Rs. 1 Lakh. We had paid in just 30 grand on our previous hearing.. ( My attempt to pool in that amount was a miracle , as I had so many options initially, later it trickled toBala's and Muru's contribution as other factors evaporated- consciously I was not expecting that to happen), later the Judge was irritated with the accusing council's ill preparedness, was quite rude and gave the next date calling in the Banks as it the case was based on the NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT ACT...where I had stopped payment for the guarantee cheque Rs. 8 Lakhs, that was given to the company O.W.H., that they had presented to the bank, despite my legal notice, informing that they had breached the contract and above all this legal battle is in the battleground since 2007 , though the conclusion could be apparent.. that as per Indian Penal code. a cheque cannot be dishonoured if so you are to be arrested. Ironically as per I.P.C. the negotiable instrument is bartered for a commercial transaction for a trade of commodity. This contradicting legal point has put me and as well as the company into the legal battle
Where as in my case it was a guarantee amount taken by the company binding me to work for the company for 36 months. It was a virtual and hypothetical values derived. The management had misrepresented my designation from the beginning and later by calling me back to India from London had breached the contract.

Well above all the factors that has been manoeuvring my life since then are... Lawyers, Judge, Banks, Bank Holidays, Western Union, Home Office, were things I had never given a second sigh at a glance...
Now I stand thousands of miles away from my wife, kids, family.. trying to do what..??? i assume I am obliviating from my focus of the issues.. making me feel GUILTY ...

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