Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good deeds go long way in your life to speak about you

Life in each stage portrays itself in sceanrio that is never the same and to take life as it comes one has to have immense maturity. I pay my heartfelt gratitude to my cousin MUTHUGANESH...! who guided me through my entreprunerial stint!!! to think logically, speak out without fear, face the situation daringly..!!!! plunge into - while you heart tells you want it..!!!

It is still fresh in my mind the day I got my driving license - Bala asked me to sign in a blank paper and after a couple of days I had my full driving license in my hand without going through the formalities..!!.( It was ironical that Bala hadn't for himself nor for that matter even Raja did have the license late till '96 where I had it in my pocket the moment I finished my college in '85!!!!! ). Surprisingly though we had no vehicle other than our Dad's Raleigh bicycle!!!!
While I was working at Taj Coromandel Hotel, I used to visit Raja at his frind - Shyam's flat near my work place.
It would be an informal gathering at Shyam's flat at Greams road were all of Raja's college friends- Shyam ( sad to state that he is no more, was living a king's life but towards end he counted his days with Liver Cancer-The day I got the messsage of his demise, I was quite hurt and could not come to terms.. of reality... ) Sampath Rao -( Another person, my heart goes with who was behind my business venture, admired and applauded and was all out to lead me through in business, was the leading Stock Broker in Chennai, ( who had a uneventful end in his yough age .. while he was driving with his Mom and beloved wife to Bangalore, met with a fatal accident just round the corner of his house- The famous landmark DASAPRAKASH HOTEL, CHENNAI)Madhusudhanan ( A close pal of Raja, his classmate and my great admirer)
While I had to pulled down shutters of my business, I had no strenght to ratify my thoughts to put my course in the correct percepective.. Apart from Muthuganesh, It was Sampath , Bala ( Mookiah & Sons), Balu( Duroflex), Ashok ( Sampath's younger brother) were my sympathisers.. I had to buck up my thought process and rebuild my shattered dreams not just from scratch.. but yet beyound that!!!!It is almost 20 years.. and I feel it has happened just yesterday!!!!
More surprisingly it was my early stage in my career as Chef, Dad had to undergo By Pass surgery, Then, Railway Hospital at Perambur was the only place for Open Heart / By Pass surgery. Dr Cherian who was world renowned for his crafty , wizardry in Surgery was instrumental in placing the pin on the hospital to get international acquaintance. It was highly speculated, that Dr. Cherian would perform the surgery for Dad, incidently the dates that my Dad was admitted and proposed operation date was falling out to another team which was lead by Dr. Ganesh Mani, though he was equally competent with good surgeons and anesthetist, well as Dad's background was so influential and discering the gravity of the issue I was amazed , while Dr. Ganesh Mani came to our house had dinner, he infused the confidence in all of us though it was a challenge to him and equally delicate to establish his professional standards in par with Dr. Cherian.. Those were the days I really regretted for not been able to live up to my Mom's dream of me becoming a doc!!!!!( Though it is totally a differrent subject would I be in that stage to take care of my Dad on the operation table!!!!)
The requirement of blood was stated as 6 units. It was not until then we felt the neccessity to know the Blood Group. astonishingly all of us were B+ve. I had posted my request at HR at the hotel for volunteers to donate blood. It was ,over whelming response , Soundaraj - Student Xerox Director who is the brother of Vanathy my college mate was first to come and donate blood.
The momentry actions was more than anything... ( Though I had such remarkable circle , but during Ramani's ectopic pregnancy miscarriage - it was a nighmare, that I would never want to think was a total paradoxical situation for me with none around.. and I was acting on impulse and intution)
The constable road Railway colony PER 109 was flooded with relatives and friends. You would be surprised to see the concern and care in the eyes of all over my Dad and Mom. The then neighbor Dr. Renu Nair was a Child specialist, who had been at Golden Rock just before reporting to Railway Hospital at Chennai, had heard about our family legacy - ( Mr. Muthu Pillai & Family) was so delighted and at times their kids, Sonu and Kochu were in our custody as Mr. Somasekaran Nair was an official in Customs, had odd duty hours..
From the moment my Dad was taken to the operation theatre which was around 11.15A.M. she was relating us the developments in the operation theatre. At times she would have a bewildered look with the facts of clinical complication mentioning that the blockage in the artery has been discovered as 96% and the operation was predicted to be for about 5 -6 hours it went on and on did push every one of us to the brink and by 8.45 P.M. Dr. Renu came out of the ward to enquire the status explained it to us in one broad smile with tearful eyes in front of my Mom.. I have no word to either describe or narrate that situation it was emotional, painful, delightment, anxiety, I am devoid of adverbs, adjectives, my repertoire is devoid of single word description.
We generally talk of wishes... that day, I really felt well wishes of the all the near and dear ones did definetly create that positive aura, the factors- Dr. Ganesh Mani/ Veena Girinath & Team, The well wishes/ prayers, The good deeds of our Dad / Mom... etc., etc,. all did do their respective miracles in my Dad getting back to normal life in next six months...
But not to forget the scene, I was pertified, to see my Mom during the operation, I was just to myself, Shiva and B.Ram were tagged to me, as B.Ram's mother was the chief matron, after the operation , he sneaked me through near the ICU- Intensive Care Unit. while I saw my Dad, lying unconcious masked with oxygene mask... I was shivering.. and tears were streaming out.. well, it was a real medical miracle that put life back to my Dad who had such a complication... I later came to know that even today my Dad's medical incident is a case study in the hospital archives'!!!
Next day, Muthuganesh- who was also there, then suddenly said, can you drive, I said... I know but I have never driven in traffic.. I had the Explorer, bike from Appadurai, my pal from college and Hotel... Muthu said, well, you have the license, I will sit at the back, lets go out... I just followed him like a lamb... I could not believe myself, I drove all the way from Ayanavaram to Beasant Nagar, we went to Ashtalakshmi temle, prayed, spent some time at the tranquil seashore, by the time we decided to return it was dark... my maiden venture to drive a bike with a heavyweight person ( Muthu Ganesh was almost 90 Kgs).. I was struggling to balance , concentrate and drive back home.. later while we reached home.. I just could not believe...
( Not to mention my discreetromantic drive to Vellore that was after 2 years on my RX100 TSJ 1805)...

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