Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hospital Blues!!!!

Hi All!!! Well after a labouring life style by profession now I am stealing some time lethargically mulling my experience since 24th September 2014!!!!!from my bed - forced medical attention on me It has been taught that:" When Wealth is lost nothing is lost , when Health is lost something is lost!!!!!!.....". I had a hectic schedule with CL-20 consuming enough of my energy with my hotel providing the local team accommodation and we had been the official caterers for its requirements on and off the ground.also we were executing the In stadia catering for the tournament for the players and sponsors. The logistic involved was quite intricate . With depleted team members from operations perspective and we faced a new challenge with a new co ordination company coming into fray for the event based in Hyderabad. The event started with a bang and with back to back match after a coulpe of days at the stadium and all the teams were in house. It was like one hell of an attempt by the whole team, all pushed to the limits. The surprises from all quarters... the required special request items not arriving on time, despite taking sufficient precaution, The accredition for the members to access the ground during the event : a big exercise all the details to be submitted in advance like photo, address proof. The numbers were debated and agreed upon. The external support from the neighbouring catering institutes - The institute that was busy with its academics ignored the timeline. The innagural session was bursting to brim and chasing deadline was haunting shadows. We could not afford to take chances. The team huddled for a final attempt: when the push came to shove.... it was a orchestrated attempt with a minimum staff and no external support, The hotel operation with full occupancy, banqueting busy and the In stadia catering - the logistics with co ordination was pushing all to close.. thanks to WHATSAPP!!! having knit the team together with updates reaching all on time.!!!!Lots of drama and unanticipated crisis from unexpected quarters.!!! Meanwhile I was referring to my HR that I feel little uneasy, that I might need his assistance in getting my appointment with Doctor. Unfortunately,the subsequent day after the mayhem of the in-stadia catering for the double header the day started quite, reaching the office weird with heavy sweating and acute pain at the upper abdomen.!!! I called up HR.. immediatly accompanied with HR Assistant Mr. Vishwanath, I was rushed to M/s.YASHODHA HOSPITAL at Somajiguda , Hyderabad!I never anticipated the consequence of going to a speciality hospital on emergency - casualty route would be so frightening. As I entered the casualty I was shown to a cubicle- I was assured that a doctor would come and see me. soon!!!Then the formalities of identity and I had been naive to exhibit my identity through my Insurance ID card ( I had kicked awake the giant) A nurse walks up to my cubicle hands over a set of uniform WITH BLOOD STAIN AND not clean to be worn!and ECG was taken - It was mentioned to me that there is a slight deflection in my ECG readings and enquired if any ECG was taken earlier - I confirmed that I had taken an ECG a year ago during my master check up and the report I requested Mr. Vishwanath to fetch it from my office cabin. Then I was administered with the needle for Intra Vienous dispensing- almost making me look like an alien with extra fingers hanging out!Then another nurse walks by and extracts blood. I was struck by shock seeing the flow of events and had my reflexes numbed. Duty doctor walks up to me and I clearly mention my trouble:" I have pain in my upper abdomen, sweating . .."before I could complete my statement he mentioned that a cardio- specialist would attend to me.. I was a little bemused!!!- why a cardio specialist for my pain in abdomen!!! Then a young house surgeon walks up and probes my family background - (Dads Myocardial Infaction and by- pass surgery in 1986 and my Brothers By Pass surgery) and concludes with a statement, I need to get you admitted in ICCU and they will be doing an ANGIO immediately. Within seconds, 2 ward boys roll in a stretcher besides me and request me to roll over to the stretcher.. I was quite normal and mobile!!! yet- I was wrapped with a blanket and strapped and rolled out to the near by lift. A complete bizarre experience for once lying flat on the stretcher, seeing the ceiling skidding by and being watched by by-standers as if in a real emergency a patient fighting for life is being rolled into the ICCU and those anxious sympathizing looks made me sick with no sickness! I was lodged in the ICCU in a corner... an attendant approaches me and advices me to get to the wash room as he needed to shave my arms and private parts... I felt a bit weird.. but why.. looking at the person I was not willing to get aggressive.. just posed a question who said so... he politely stated that the Doctor said so. I was just contemplating my situation .. I had come for a complaint with abdominal pain and now I am getting clinically readied for a cardiac assessment. I was not diagonised or rather briefed about what is happening for me!!!! within a few minutes an attended came rushing to me with a packet of IV fluid packet .. I panicked and I stopped him administering anything into me further. until I meet the doctor. It took almost half an hour for the proclaimed cardiologist from the casualty to meet me. He was so furious.. for having made him come upstairs. He just rhymed out the statement to me as I was asking him in between he rebuked stating not to ask any questions in between. Then I insisted for the details and process of the treatment that they have decided to do the ANGIO. He along with the ICCU duty doctor said that, the report of ECG and Blood Pressure are normal ( I was quite bemused to know that my blood pressure reading was 130/90..!!!) "Since the UK visa episode during 2006 I was diagonised of Hypertension and my visa was differed until I was made to do re-medical examination and carry the prescription and the medicines. Since then on every occasion I was reminded of Hypertension and I always preferred to take he non alopathic course-- meditation, breathing exercise, pommegranite seeds powder etc., I was lucky to survive till now but the blood pressure was never lesser than 150/100 and subsequently I was told that these are lifestyle disorders." The doctor said that they have a cleared their doubt by 70% and have a 30% doubt of my heredity...! Then I asked him what is ANGIO!!! H was not clear in explaining but insisted that I need to undergo!? I demanded the process and procedures before you decide to go for Angio- I was explained that You start with the Blood Pressure- Blood Test - ECG - 2D Echo - Artery Respiratory Scan and finally Angio!!! Then I demanded why other tests are not being done for me and resorting to the final test. I was explained that Angio gives 100% result with reference to the quantity of blocks and degree of blockage. I was little foxed.. I got my complaint for coming to the hospital for abdominal pain.. but the procedures are being discussed for performing Angio... I am alone with my immediate family members.. not with me.. was quite a situation at stake to be controlled. I was just re-evaluating the situation, the duty doctor at ICCU approached me and said.. if you do not feel like going for angio, lets do the Scanning.... I am also an expert in cardio I would suggest you to go for it... I again insisted that what is the status of my abdomen pain!!!!? the question was evaded.. subsequently the Senior Doctor of Cardiology of the hospitl walks up to my bed and demands what I wanted... I just straight away said ... I need to get discharged... he gazed at me with a note of annnoyance and wrote on my case sheet - TO BE DISCHARGED IMMEDIATLY" by around 1:00 P.M. The situation turned little complicated... my admission procedure was done hence.. to simplify the situation they should have let me go.. then itself... I was made to sit till 6:45 P.M. during which personnel from various departments came had a signature in respetive registers and meanwhile there were other patients were around suffering without bed.. Later I was given a bill for Rs.10500-00 and compelled to clear the same for a treatment that was not dispensed on me... not any review for my Abdominal pain.. the bill all related to cardio-vascular issues It was such a painful exit as the staff were waiting to get the clearense statement from accounts..which dragged till around 6:30P.M.!!!! they would not refer to Insurance as it is less than 24 hrs. with a final bout bitterness pushing me to the edge.. swipe my card to get the hell out of the disgusting place that paid no heed to the issue at hand!!!! PAIN IN THE ABDOMEN.. coughed up the bill and came out swearing to myself not to step in again to that blessed place that has treated me like that!!!!! Walked out having drained my energy and my wallet less by 10500!!!!! GOD BLESS THE PATIENTS WHO GO THERE

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