Friday, 26 December 2008

Hi All!
I take this opportunity to address you all, make this platform to express the thoughts, feelings, happenings- which are for sure to be interesting with mixed bag of sentiments some - casual, sad, humorous, etc..
May be we would not be able to say whilst we meet personally or encounter face to face...!
Hope this enables us to spill out the sting in our feelings and ease out....
Well I was so exhilarated on my success to acquire the housing loan and zero in on the flat and occupied the premises even before the loan was sanctioned...! well I should go little slow narrating the sequence.. that would..throw light on the exact situation that I am in..!
To begin with... Of all the people.. I was so perturbed in getting embroiled into financial crisis..sine my turmoil with " FINANCE" for last 12 years...

Misunderstanding, Miscalculation,Non-Communicative.. you can keep piling on the reasons for my failures.. despite being one of the emerging successful - Technocrat / Entrepreneur..(PICK PACK CATERERS....) Later I extinguished my business aspirations and started to consider myself as a devoted , sincere, efficient individual in what ever job I did..
My joint venture to re-juvenite ..(PICK PACK CATERERS....)got the packed food delivery concepts, L&T corporate catering, Sterling Computers, Club MAhindraResorts Corporate Office were the type of clientelle we had developed.The financial stress of - having the " BORROWED CAPITAL!" was taking the toll on Easwar Reddy and eventually with 3 families - Easwar( Though he was a L&T ian , Bharath and Me.... we came to a consenses that one of us would operate it ... I tried it but the asking being too steep,5 Lakhs and the accrued loss was not making any business sense.... I backed out at the last minute..despite the contract with S.B.I. Circle office, I had submitted my previous credentials - Pick Pack as supportive testimonials to acquire that contract..!I did bid a farewell with substantial loss for me personally say around 1.5 lacs..!

I was prompting Ramani to be active in the emerging concept of MULTI LEVEL MARKETING..
JAPAN LIFE INDIA!! One can say it was giving us a reprieve as we were trying to get hold of our feet and eventually I got a call from Club Mahindras HR to run the Staff Catering.I was instrumental in conceiving the concept and setting it to operation and had it entrusted to PICK PACK.. Due to reasons only they can explain.. it was in the brink of closure and I was asked to take over it overnight.. which I did quite sportingly despite lacking infra structure..!I had quite confidentially began the service and eventually that was letting me to balance the cradle of my family and profession...That gave to birth of CRIB&GRUB - where Ramani underwent a crash course for running a montessori and we operated a creche and a catering joint... It was not too ,long again the boat got rocked pretty deadly...!

CRISIS AT JAPAN LIFE...I presume all are are aware of the concept of Multi Level Marketing and unfortunately the founder of JLI Mr. Vasanthraj Pandit!!!-The most respected person and who had the aura of command respect was crushed to dust due to his adamance, to his ethics and policy.. by his own mates.. and political and bureaucratic system.. It was beyond anyones' comprehension that, " How a company with 21 branches all over India, pull a legal battle by an individual enforcing officer who had developed personal grudge with the founder. How that had devastated 71 individuals life from all walks of social status!!! and life of the 99000 members in JLI all over India..
Though we were comfortable operating CRIB & GRUB, I was obsessed and involved with the JLI crisis that saw me off from my passionate business.. for almost 4 weeks did have adverse effect. I will,detail the JLI crisis in detail in another discourse, though that imparted a reasonable experience but regretfully ..! the most uneventful casualty was my childhood days friendship - ZUBAIR, BHASKAR, BALA...
Well I regained grounds in my business and started to get orders yet I was unable to recover the losses and I was looking for an employment...!
I was definite to get back to Hotels.. with my technical qualification... yet.. compromising my stature was threatening my pro- EGO...! Yet I was giving a try..First I was offered a Principal's job in a college in Vijayawada.. for a paltry 10K but eventually the job profile was not defined as I was expected to run the college, & Hostel as its warden and also take the class for the Food Preparation, in the prelims itself, I backed out. Then similar offers were floating, then Ramani & m e debated on the situation and I was even morally preparing her , for me to go back to Ships - Cruise...where my income would be consistent.. yet have to be away from the family which we were accepting as FATE... It was a blessing in disguise as Chef Soundararajan offered me an opening at India Habitat Centre - New Delhi as Sous Chef with package being around 23K, I playfully accepted it even without evaluating any options but with one request that I would report to work only by Dec. 2nd week due to KAVITHA'S WEDDING!!!!( My commitment to Mum fulfilling my filial duty)
When I reached home and showed it to Ramani.. she was thinking that I am joking!!!! while I showed her the appointment letter.. she was confused half thrilled and half depressed...?!
I, having added another 3 lacs loss to my debt bank planned for my departure to Delhi..!

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