Monday, 20 October 2008

Corporate Gimmicks and disasters 1

Hi All! This has been a quite lengthy silence ever since I had joined my new job ! at T-5 , Heathrow...No wonder, I had been too enthusiastic and that had taken the toll..... Whilst I was waiting for the paper to be transferred..!.. Well another situation where I was left scampering for my existence while I still had to fulfil all my duties as Father..!, Husband..!, Son...! and Son -In -Law...! I was assured by the prospective company my new job. While I had been to India for a short trip..quite aware of the situation that I had to get my work permit organised as I had to resign my previous job for technical reasons... such as.. The company had to apply for Visa extension for my ex colleagues and also the prospective company had demanded me to submit my P-45 . While I was in India, I got the message that I had to report to duty as I had to attend the special training at the new airport - T5 and subsequent induction in the company.. I emailed the HR and I had not received any message.. assuming it to be quite essential.. I rushed back to London leaving my family in a delicate situation as we were in the process of shifting our house in Delhi..! my poor girl... wife.. made it possible this time too single handed..! I upon reaching Heathrow, called the company as it was half past five none answered my call and preferred not to leave message in the voice mail..assuming that I was registered for the training the next day at T5. but it was as usual. my lucky stars dancing and mocking at me...! While I had to undergo all security screening and procedure at the end I was told that my name was not in the list of request,for training from the company! Then I had to get my details into the system showing them all my papers and I left for the day.. and after a couple of weeks, I attended the induction programme at the corporate office again a mockery of the corporate set up for staff from various stature entering into the organisation that too a restaurant group that boasts itself for gaining "Michelin Stars"concurrently... it was a dismal show.. with uncommitted staff leading the show... stuffed in with a voucher for £2 for our meal allowance while you parch your throat out to eagerly participate in the mockery of " HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT !"where anything more than a sandwich you have to shell out money... Since that being an entry to a group of company, with a celebrity status.. it was like a collage rather than an attempt to create a team spirit..!the show down was pathetic with half baked information... and the irony was none were comfortable..!!! I had a bit of luck with the chef having given an informal intro regarding my experience in the cost controls and related software.. and quite soon not acquainted with me yet people around began talking about me!but again it was like for a short span.. I quite enthusiastically participated.. and those early days at T-5 where none of the proclaimed 150 lifts and the 75 escalators were yet to be put in use we had all our logistics coming in and all manually moving around and climbing up and down the 5 floors and I was quite fit with my waist thinning down from 36 to 33 inches.. ( The only incentive for joining the company)!!!! In the process the only soul that I had been able to get as a friend was MURUGANANDAM.....a tireless and hard working guy who had been in the cruise and for some time in Bermuda.. quite an industrious individual and timid guy. The first incident that did put me off was the failure in the system in a mega operation by BAA: I had to get the Temporary pass to T5 with great struggle : That there were no records of my training at T5 and at the ID centre, I had to spend the whole day at ID centre brawling with the person at the reception as you can't go beyond that and frantically trying to reach the HR at our corporate office.. where they were always busy and not to attend any calls at their desk too busy and end up leaving messages as the receptionist would not bother for what I am calling for all they would do is to put me through to voice mail!!! I was made to attend one more session of training and then gained my access to the terminal 5 at Heathrow with a great sigh of relief and I felt as if landing on the Moon!!!! I was though received with camaraderie and ushered into my section by Muruganandam and I started the day with a stinking environment as the drains were faulty and it was a capital expenditure and we had a different contractor , not the one that BAA had recommended. At the starting phase it was all assured that it would get sorted.. and I quite diligently, putting in my efforts..Despite the preparatory kitchen that I was in, was totally away from the main stream of activity in preparing the food at the restaurant.. yet I used to steal time to put in hands at the preparation.. and also exhibiting my proficiency in computers.. Then one day, suddenly I was contacted by the HR ( The most- unfriendly and assuming themselves to be diplomatic - department in the company) stating that the application that was submitted for my Work Permit was referred with a query !!? and later I was forwarded a copy of the letter which was not all convincing me as an applicant how could the " Home Office " would approve my application.. it was a letter with, no subject relevant to the query. The HR had assumed that representing a company of a celebrity that they by default would get the application seen through!!When I insisted in getting a copy of the papers that were submitted for my Work Permit.. it was a disaster... None of my communication with updated data's were utilized to fill in the application, my address, my designation and above that the reason for my employment with this company was referred as; "This will be imposing a good reference to my C.V.!!!"they were literally lying behind the laurels of Mr. Ramsay than performing efficiently.. The inauguration of the T5 was due and we were to get our permanent pass my reference check were completed and I was one among the few who had the pass ready for collection,but since my Work permit was not through I was refrained from collecting it..! I was summoned to collect the pass from the ID centre but HR had referred my name in their list.. and technically I was again out of action... I was volleyed by the HR and the chef .. with no concrete response to my queries but blaming the " Home Office". I was asked by the chef to get the month end stock to be updated and validated.. hence I had a chance to have a closer look at the organisational disaster that was happening in the name of " CORPORATE MANAGEMENT" It was a vacuum between every individual and every department - and all had hypocritical conversation and eventually it was not a healthy environment , which I was presuming that I am entering a new world that would really add some value to my C.V. All were critical about each other and nothing moved in the correct direction or at the required phase...!I was shell shocked to see that stock validation were effected in 2008 with the price that were given to them in 2006 and there was no utilization of the M.I.S. and people were not comfortable when asked for - a data or information -- it was always a favor rather than - their duty!! While I glanced through the slated new projects that the company had envisaged and it was consciously alarming as an individual who had experience in multi project operation and - there was nothing, - appeared to be centralised and none looked to be doing the correct thing in the correct way... I could only pity the person on whom the whole edifice is being mounted Mr. Ramsay.. and doubted whether these issues would ever reach his attention...! I was called up again by the HR stating that my Work Permit - application has been rejected and I had to go for a fresh application and they were differing to appeal as that would take more time.!Later they suggested that I may refer any solicitors of my choice who could get the formalities done positively..!.. I again took rein of the situation and started acting on my instinct.. on principal acceptance from the company that they would bear the cost... ( I was again made to look stupid on successful attempt)

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