Saturday, 28 July 2007

My first day out

Hai there!
We all wish and crave to grow up and let us alone to mend our ways through..!As I had earlier mentioned being last kid in the family..., I was always said to be my mother's pet.. (I really don't know)My brothers and sisters having grown up each had his / her ouw says and wishes being fulfilled by my parents. We were living in a government quartes as my father was an official in the government organisation. This place was about 6-7 miles away from the town.I always used to comlain to my parents that they would let me - neither with my brothers nor alone anywhere outside the quarters.
I still remeber that day, suddenly my Dad called me and said, "Get ready , just you and me , we are going to the town".You can imagine the state of joy in me , i hurriedly wore my favorite dress and held my Dad's hand and we walked out to the bus stop, as a begining note it started to drizzle...!, My Dad was hezitating them somehow he proceeded the attempt of taking me to the town, little later as we were half way through there were lots of vehicles - of all kinds from bus, lorry, tractor, bullock cart, bikes and cycles....the normal journey to the town would take 30-40 minutes.... but that day even after 2 hours we were only half way down the way..!My Dad was quite resilent to take to the town..
We got down and we began to walk to our destination.... TOWN. On the way we were talking to ourselves but never bothered to know why the crowd was gathering for!? As a kid trekking down the road to the town , I was completely absorbed and fantasised holding my Dad's hand and enjoying the ice cream.. we aprroached the town and the land mark of that place is the temple aloft the hill... and we weren't deterred and my Dad just pointing me the temple on top of the hill telling me the stories.. we reached the temple and it was getting dark slightly, my legs were getting stiff after such long walk.. sitting on the hill getting the chill breeze.. munching some snack , my Dad said to me not to worry as we would reach home in an hour.....!
We got down the hill and as I behaved properly my Dad treated me with An ice cream with fruit salad, (My Mum's favorite)to our amazement we found the place too crowded and the roads were blocked with barricades,then as we were nearing the bus stop we were welcomed by the empty stand ... All the transport were suspended due to procession by a political party ... I was puzzled realizing the consequence..
WALKING BACK HOME ... oh no... but yes!!! thats what happened to me... I was left with no other alternative, I had no strength to protes t to my Dad or even request my Dad that we may return home by a cab... ( I was rather afraid to ask him that)..
Also I was fuming nad fretting inside imagining how my Sisters and brothers would make fun of me as I reach home...............
Well we reached home by 11-00 P.M. , it was dark and all my brothers and sisters were asleep..and my Mum opened the door for us I didn't even bother have dinner or to change my dress.I hit the bed straight and when I git up the next day ( It was around 4-00P.M.)All were sitting around me and eagerly awaiting to relate them my first - ( CLASS) experience about the First Day Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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