Saturday, 4 August 2007


Hi All!
The identity for anyone subject to situation where one is in or addressed with!It sounds quizzical.. yeah!?
Let me put it this way.. As I had mentioned.My father was in the Govenment organisation and we lived in the quarters..Well our family stint in that quarters started with my Grand Father who was the first Indian Officer under British Mangement..that has got quite a repute for when somebody from our native place ( a village)or for that matter anyone visiting our house and they by chance coming by train and get down at the station, all they have to mention my grandpa's name they need not have the address or even money to pay the fare for the drive from the station to our house, they would be straight away dropped at our door...( The voyage will be in a bullock - cart and the journey will be for half an hour)My grandpa passed away and the batton was taken by Dad till we grew up to the level that we were addressed by our name and in that situation too it was my elder brother who took the charm as all began refering his name and identifying our family... I as the last kid use to wonder , when would I ever get that previlage of being acknowledged or for that matter get addressed ( not realising what all it takes off from you) I think to leave this here for now to let you all think your suck experience I shall catch up later with more subsequently......

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