Sunday, 5 August 2007

Identity 2

Hi All!!!
As I had mentioned about the identity.. well yes I was grudging that I never had the previlage of being addressed by my name...subsequently my Dad was transferred to the regional head quarters in Chennai and we moved into the quarters there... quite a massive place where you can say it had around 6000 residents..Well we were in that land mark area where normally you find the place in the G.K. books - the first place where they manufacture Rail coach - Perambur, i was so excited though it does not have any relevance to me personally...Once again the school I studied was affliated to the management of the of the organisation where my Dad worked and I was still under the shadow of my Dad. After few days some of my Dad's colleagues visited us from the earlier place and as they walked into the colony with their acquaintance they were mentioning my Dad's name and my elder brother's name to find out the exact address as they did not carry it with them... Their attempt in vain and they were about to give up and return without meeting us... suddenly the kids around there playing, came to them and enquired whom they want to meet - to which house they want to visit.. as they did not carry the correct address , again it was frustrating for the visitors.. suddenly the kids, mentioned my name and said is to Sekar's house you want to go , they are the one who had moved into the quarters recently ..The moment my name was mentioned the kids literally dragged them with their luggages and escorted them to my house.. The visitors were first annoyed first for the local crowd not knowing my Dad and even my elder brother and with a note of surprise the mentioned "Had we not mentioned Sekar Pillai's name we would have returned back without meeting you all... " you can imagine the elation of my spirit at that moment I felt all over across the moon.. totally bloated with self pride...

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