Monday, 26 November 2007

Pain....... part 1

Hi All...!
I am a bit off track for the last few days, that made me too occupied so that I couldn't sit back and tickle my nostalgia..!
Well being one of the sibling of the most respected couples ( My Mom & Dad) from a most reputed family where every movement of the subsequent generations are under the magnifying glass in the surroundings of the acquaintances.. it too tough a call on the growing kids like me..being the last in the family obviously all assume that I am the most pampered..( For some time yes I would not deny... ) but after taking the tides of life on my own , I became stripped of the all the liberties and consideration and concern..
It was a one of the vacations as I had mentioned the whole maternal and paternal relations gathering for my Grandfathers Divasham ( Death Anniversary)...... I was in my seventh standard..the arrival and departures of the families of the relatives were on and it was a practice,that when ever, somebody - comes or goes we receive them at the railway station / bus stop or see them off till there....( Also one more reason is we as kids get some extra perks as pocket money from our beloved relations...)On one such occasion, I was accompanying my Aunt with her family to the bus stop, that was the time I had learnt to drive the bicycle...I was trying to impress them with my new skill and we were heading to the bus station...We were waiting for the bus.
I was trying to balance myself by sitting on the bar by leaping to the ground , I stamped on to the gravel, I skidded and crashed down to the ground. I attempted to balance myself by supporting my left arm to the ground, the force and the cycle forcefully fell on to my supporting arm and I could hear the snapping of my bones like a CLICK... You can imagine the exuriating pain and shame in front of my cousins, the pain was getting more aggravated...and my Aunt canceled her return and I was carried back home with all around me worried about how to face my parents . At that time Ponniah ( This person I will detail later as one of the most dear persons in my life after my own Kith & Kins)who began crying seeing my broken arm.. removed his turban and put a sling and took me home.. the whole house became animated , I was rushed immediately, to the hospital..( Please do not imagine the whizzing Ambulance with the siren, with white clad nurses and attendants..)with the same sling around my neck I was seated at the back of the cycle and Ponniah drove me to the hospital which was about 4 miles away from our house.... during the journey every bump on the road was so painful..I was crying out my heart out with the dreadful pain... there were no tears left n me but the pain was so acute I was crying sans tears..reaching the hospital.. I was immediately taken in casuality, x-rayed and it was declared- " Multiple fracture " it was a Friday evening there were no senior doctors around, the compounder at the hospital seeing the state of my fractured arm they were perplexed to the extent that they moved away to call the doctor( House Surgeons) to do the First Aid.. it was debated for a while and later it was decided to let it with the sling that I had until the Senior Doctors would come .... Then frantic calls were made seeing me suffering from pain.. meanwhile my Dad came.. as he came in.. I was frightened like a puppy that will shiver during Diwali, listening to the bursting crackers...he just stared at me.. that gave me sufficient signal, that I am in for a sound treatment. For the forst time I realised thart my Dad has soft corners for us too... apart from his devoted Railways...!He turned around to the gapping house surgeons and just stated that if they are not confident to attend to me then he'd as well take me to the Puthur Hospital ( This is a place where the treatment are given in a very primitive way with Bamboo stick as splinters and medicines made from green medicinal herbs.....jus imagine my state ... I was deaf to all this with my killing pain)Then somehow from the blue the Chief Doctor presented himself at the scene, ignoring me for a while they convinced my Dad and then, they rolled me to the Operation Theatre.!!!Later with a minor first aid I was admitted and was told they were going for -X-ray, ECG, etc., then there upon they will decide upon the course of treatment....At that point for the Hospital they sorted out the issue... my pain did not subside..
The next day when I weathered the effects of the sleeping dosages and the pain killers... I was shocked to see the sling and my shirt were soaked with blood,that was oozing from the wound...where my bone splint was jutting out puncturing my skin and ... you an imagine......I was protesting with my pain " Satyagraha" for immediate attention, my Dad walked in called the chief and stated that if the treatment is not happening immediatly, he would jus take me out as he had mentioned earlier...There was total commotion in the Hospital and no one could imagine that my Dad being so serious.. including me...??!
The doctors from their perspective.. the results - The fracture is multiple and the ECG claims that I will not even sustain the minor dosage of the chloroform for the anesthesia... they were perplexed.. seeing my dad, they had no other options, but to drag me to the theatre to administer the treatment...!

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