Monday, 10 December 2007

Accident at Joel Street

I am relating my experience of viewing an accident just in front of my Work place.Yesterday , being Sunday and weekends approaching Christmas it was unusually busy..We were all adjusting to the sudden change in the day to day slumbering..!The frontage of the restaurant is completely with the glass panelling and it is full view open to the street .
I was talking to my colleague and we all heard a sudden thudding and screeching noise towards the street, we all leapt across and saw a car was getting tossed upside down and like a turtle upside down it fell on its hood and swirling clockwise, hitting the parked vehicles.It was such a shock to all of us and as we rushed to the scene, I grabbed my phone and dialed "999".. I related the incident, the person on the helpline was talking to me more composedly and never missed on any questions from;- passengers, vehicle, any blood injury, any dangerous liquid, etc. when I mentioned the location of the accident.. it would have hardly taken 60-75 seconds describing... by then I saw the beacon lights sparkling towards the far end of the street..meanwhile other people standing near by helped the persons out of the crushed vehicle. The relief to the accident site was less than 3 minutes and it was quite amazing.
The victims of the accident were given first aid ( A couple and a kid) and taken to the hospital
I was really proud of the system and the personnel involved in the relief measures.. it was a text book approach with no flaws..and precisely executed to perfection..

Yes the system serves with an OBJECTIVE...!

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