Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Be specific to know what you want!!?

Hi !
I suppose that all agree, that, how it is essential, to spell out ones' expectations or wishes!!!
Yeah it was one of those pleasant summer vacations in our Aunty's house.. As my cousin who was studying in the University and we all other s... kids studying in schools...( can assume the kind of age difference - the groups within the family... I am the last of the generation and I was studying in 2nd standard,- of the whole lot of around 40-50 cousin - Brothers / sisters in our family.
You can also imagine how adventurous and challenging for our Aunt to run the domestic chore with such wide.. assortment of kids and respective wishes and requirements..but qu0ite interestingly the elders were so occupied with the issues that our petty issues, squabbles will be attended by the eldest in the groups of our cousins,, and quite frankly, it never reached the strata of our parents. All disputes and griefs gets rationally solved.
We kids were playing on that sunny afternoon after our lunch , not listening to the request of taking a nap ( Siesta) after lunch.. and eventually within the bunch a dispute rose and it boiled to become a hand scuffling... Quite surprisingly... my second elder brother.. RAJA used to be little aggressive slapped my other cousin ( This cousin of my was considered to be non expressive and slow in all his acts and not bright enough to put forth his wants or needs..)..such that he ran crying to his mom..., we were all stunned and shocked not knowing how to proceed further...
The whole place became quite and we all were scared to even take a breathe.. Incidentally that day was suppose to be our day out to the park at the near by river bank..., each one began accusing & blaming (without a noise) each other for the situation not knowing how to solve it.., We quietly talked to the cousin who got slapped.. he was quite adamant to complain to our cousin who was expected to be back from the university.. we all were worried..
As my cousin came from the University..seeing the house abnormally quite was puzzled. He did not show it.. as he was continuing his customary act of washing, changing to casuals and getting ready for his hot cup of coffee..
Then drawing his confidence my cousin ( The victim) approached my cousin and complained to him, " Raja slapped me!"... not expecting such a complaint .. my cousin instinctively asked him.. " How did he slap you?" meaning on pretext..He was quite for that, my cousin was getting irritated.. and he repeated the question.. again there was no answer.. assuming it to be a false allegation.. he again insisted..,"How did he slap you?" my cousin was sipping the steaming hot coffee.. as he was dragging the tumbler for another sip... Thiyagu - my cousin.. swished his palm in one full and strong swishy stroke and slapped my cousin across his face..where the tumbler with coffee.. flew across the length of the hall splashing the coffee all over .. my cousin used to wear spectacles which went tumbling and shattering to pieces.. and as we all were groping around to over hear the scene.. were shocked..we none had the guts to look up at my cousin , who was dazes for a while.. kept quite catching his jaws and wiping the tears from his face swaying his head to left and right acknowledging saying..,"Yes... it is really painful, the way Raja slapped you!..".. Afterwards.. one could see the finger marks on his cheek..and his face turned ashen red.. quite a blow.. but the focus of the issue got shifted that Thiyagu had slapped my cousin... !!! eventually..., cousin called both of them and compromised the situation and led us to the park... nevertheless.. massaging his jaw for quite long to come to normal..!!!!

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