Sunday, 10 February 2008

Hobby - Don't you get it to your head..

Hi,,! I think that I have quite sufficient time now , which seems, I am penning down my memories too often..!
When we talk about hobbies.. as a kid I had always looked up to my cousins and brothers , not really able to catch up due to various factors...lack of knowledge, afford ability or even proper guidance..The final think that we all resorted to go along with our cousin's philatelic interest.. from collecting stamps, "First Day Covers".it was quite an experience... a chance to tell others " I am into a hobby" only to show off..! Funny is it not.. but frankly we all had put our heart out to see that we gather the maximum collections..
The advantage of the hobby being we were unconsciously go out and talk to people, explaining our subject of interest and also impress upon them also barter with them against the doubles collection of the stamps..
You can also imagine the the subject influence amongst your friends, was a collective effort.
We were studying in an Anglo Indian school, where too often our Anglo Indian teachers who use to get mails from Australia & United Kingdom as their favorite students with such a good hobby the postage stamps would automatically finds its way to our collections..
Nevertheless apart from us in our village where our Grand parents had the Rice Mill and Farming our house accountant too was having the stamp collection as hobby..! It used to be quite a fun and proud moments when we all talk about the way we had the stamps exchanged and enriching the collection.
On one such instant.. my cousin brother had an adventurous attempt in getting a few stamps exchanged from our Accountant.. We had this only mode of decent transportation was bicycling.. and the Accountant's house was situated near our rice mill that was about a couple of miles away from our granny's house.The streets were very sparsely lit and that being a village.. on the sides of the road it had thatched houses and huts with people relaxing in front of the houses and the there used to be this.. Public Radio where the Mega phone will be hoisted on the four direction atop the building and during the stipulated hours they would air the pogrammes like NEWS, leader's speeches, etc.. Te time that it goes air is by evening 6-00 and goes till 9-00..
The place being a village it used to be so scheduled with people getting back from the farm and finish the dinner hit the bed by 9-0 with their families and all start early by 4-30 or 5-00 in the morning..The place in the evening will have this light spots on the street- the filament bulbs with the scattered lanterns that are kept at the entrance of each it is quite imaginable - at times quite scary with the pets getting little crazy and barking.. as I had mentioned , that being a village anyone passes away then the that condoling mood will be exhibited in the whole place...
On one such instance, my cousin accompanied with another who lived in that village where an elderly person had passed away and the village was in a gloomy mood , driven by the aspiration to get some stamps exchanges they left to see the accountant by bicycle. It had gone darker and the village gone quieter & darker with a sorrow mood..
Upon reaching the destination they were well received and offered some refreshment and the Accountant tabled his collection and went inside , my cousin summed up his visit had few exchanges done..and as they had stepped out of the house and getting ready to leave , my other cousin who had accompanied, with a glee waved at my cousin and that had swiped away quite a grab of stamps that he had it shoved it inside his shirt.. well my cousin consciously chided him and went back and apologised and returned those stamps , for while they never talked as they began cycling back.
As they crossed the earshot distance, my cousin was fuming with anger and the other was boiling as he got exposed,,, both got into an argument and shouting at each other, at the top of each other's voice . One thing that they forget was the whole place was quite and their shouting had aggrieved the sleeping pets .. they both wee on a stretch where there was no houses or huts on the either sides.. The as they mounted the cycle to leave then they encountered a new situation found few snarling dogs behind them.. in a hurry they summed up the energy to escape from the hounding dogs.. my cousin was the pillion rider and the other was pedaling..
This was like a rat race , the place was dark and to distance they did not see anybody to become their savior.. and they began to doubt whether they could make it and avoid getting those 16 injection around the navel.!Then suddenly the cousin who was pedaling suddenly reduced his momentum and began telling my cousin.." Hey! you wanted to behave honest and exposed me , did yo think, by tomorrow you would be off to your place, how would I ever get to face the Accountant.. again in this place..!"
My cousin said..,"Hey Please keeping pedaling. the dogs are chasing and I am at the back.. Hell the whiskers of the barking dogs are brushing my legs.. for God sake please pedal faster .." Well only after my cousin apologized did he consider to hit the pedal faster..and reach to safety where the villagers who were sleeping got up and shoo.. shooed the dogs away.
Well by then my cousins had literally got the scary moments of their lives.. and by whiskers...( literally)they got saved off from get treated for rabies getting those 16 injections ....even now when we think of this and talk you can see the beads of perspiration on the faces..

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