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Chinna Mama : All your better deeds Shall be in water writ, but this in Marble.

The reality in life is always in contrast to ones' expectation...Where the journey begins in search of the wisdom.. provided, One has the quest to be appraised with the information to decide his needs and wants.. by which the ambitions and goals are set and the path is decided, to tred upon to achieve the desired..!!!!

Well I am not philosophical, It is almost 28 years since I lost one of my most adored personality in my life span... My uncle.. Somasundaram...fondly all remember him SOMU, we call him.." Chinna Mama"
My Grandparents:- Grandfather, who was quite adventurous, had packed his hold all and sailed to countries like Ceylon and traded whereby his presence at home was like very much guestly, and his brother who administered the farming and properties back home with quite a reputation and my Mom with sister two elder to her and two younger to her and similarly had two brothers one the eldest of all whom we all call- "PERIYA MAMA" and the youngest of the lot was our most beloved "CHINNA MAMA"
It would be always quite remarkable and unique whenever he visits us...what ever may be the occasions - be it Diwali or any festive occasion it will be sparkling.. He was the one who had influenced me to fall in admiration with automotives- as I would wonder his flair in manoevouring the car or confident and effortless..
My life had been spiced with events along with his life events.. like..
Chinna Mama and our cousin sister - Nirmala !!!( Another adorable person..)got married and on that occasion I had developed some sickness and the Doctor who had administered some medicine had led to counter effects that got so bad and I was having diahorrea. It was so bad that I was dehydrated completly wherein I had to be given I.V. glucose..and being just a few months old..I was almost written off as LATE.Sekar
Well Nirmala sister would quite often refer this as a nightmare experience on the occasion of their marriage..and later while Chinna Mama attempted his stint in the politics by contesting in the assembly election.. The whole village was animated with activities amongst friends, relatives and all our near and dear ones.. in the melee... my Mom and me went to our village and as usual..visiting her native.. where every doorstep is our relative and it would be quite challenging.. as we have to certainlhy wet our throat or hands by a drink or a meal.. for such being the close knitting of the families we cannot deny.. and eventually end up with heavy stomach and consequent indigestion..and you can imagine...!!!
Well with such rousing atmosphere and electrifying circumstances.. as i fumbling to get into the groove.. my cousin Ramesh dragged me to a car that was having the banner of my beloved Chinna Mama with his folded hands and his typical reassuring smile..I was mesmirised seeing all this and as I was lodged in the car the trip began and I completely forgot that I had not informed my Mom and the car that was on the trail of canvasing for the election took a long tour of the adjoining village it took almost the rest of the evening and as the car was returning near our Granny's house.. the crowd had gathered in front of the temple that was a part of the house and all were looking quite serious.. it was little dark and me sitting inside the car.. was last to get down .. by then.. somebody was yelling the throat dry....shouting," There is he...!" THe whole gathering turned towards me... and I too turned around to see who had caught the interest of the my shock...on of the aunties hovered me and started to cry.." Where have you been... we thought we had lost you..! Your Mother is shatterd , crying.. come let me take you to her..!" saying so she almost dragged me into the house.. I was perplexed not knowing what was happening..My was Mom was all glee seeing me, came to me embraced me , wiped my face with her saree.. and gave shocking look..!Well meanwhile I looked around for my cousin Ramesh who could explain the actual scene.. it was in vain.. The whole family gathered around me and Chinna Mama came to aqnd with concern, chidded me and said to my Mom, " Look Sister, this fella's life is too strong, no need to remind you how he was on my marrriage day.. dont worry.. he is fine..!!!" all laughed and scattered away..( It was unfortunate though my Uncle being the most loved and the darling of the villagers he could not get elected.)
The game of football was one of my favorite..I was suppose to represent the "Sub Juniors- Indian Railways Team.. The acccident that had happened fracturing my arm deprived me of that..Ironically my Dad was the secretary of the "Trichy District Football Asssociation" The association would conduct an annual tournament inviting teams all over the country. That was a great event and all our relatives would visit us during that season and get a chance to see the match.
On one such occasion..we all... Bala, Raja, Jagan,Me and Chinna Mama had come down During the football season it will be very rare for Dad to entertain any guest visiting us. His trick up the sleeve, to impress the guest; is to invite them to watch the football match live. On that occassion we werre little late to reach the ground and match had started already.. my uncle was not keen sitting and watch the match, hence he proposed to us to go for a movie.. by the time decision was madde and we reached the theatre.. there too it was late .. with complete disappointment.. we returning.. Chinna Mama wanted to cajole us .. he took us to the ice cream parlour- "Micheals".. and subsequently.. we were not satisfied.. he gave us a green card to have anything .. so I chose for a bottle of Orange drink.. Jaganathan & Raja preferred to have " Fruitvita"and incidentally there was only one bottle.. so Jaganathan grabed it and Raja had the knack of convincing and get what he wanted and till date I always reason out and get into argument but never win the situation to my liking.He took a sip and gave away to Jaganathan
I was merrryly drinking, suddenly Jaganathan offerred me, that we shall exchange the drink..As that flavour was new and I was also little greedy as I had drank more than half of my drink and in Jaganathan'sdrink it was more.. even without a least hesitation.. we swapped the drink..I, with a glee gulped the drink fearing Jaganathan might ask back...( I was stupid enough to think he had swapped it because the drink was insipid, tasting a little odd and different and he did not like it.)To be frank, I did not cherish the drink.. I just gulped it.. in a swish and looked at Jaganathan.. ( We always lock horns for trival issues )he was too polite that day and he even offerred the last few sips of the orange drink that he swapped from me.. though I was surprised.. I did not refuse it.. I finished that too...
On our way back home Jaganathan had quick effect of the mixture of the "Fruitvita- Orange "drink which had blended into a cocktail inside the tummy and it began playing football inside.. he was squirming and begging Chinna Mama to drive the car fast and reach home fast..As the car reached..the compond.. Jaganathan.. jumped out of the car.. dashed to the toilet through the rear the time the door got opened and car got parked.. Raja excused himself and in a hurry he to moved towards that direction.. I being the youngest always had to close the doorand never had a chance to refuse it..or make somebody else get that order from me..As I closed the door and turned to get inside felt a sort off twitch in my stomack.. I hardly had any analytical sense.. my reflexses just instantly dragged me to the toilet and irononically.. Jaganathan was waiting for his third trip to the potty and we all three, took turn to get the gut out of the system and we were drained of all energy and we were lymph.Assisting each other during this whole session in emptying our stomach due to the food poison without a hint of grudge against each other..
Chinna Mama was laughing his heeart out seeing our choreograph amongst - Raja, Jaganathan and me to the toilet..
We always had such enttertaining thoughts but all such humour was stormed off one fine evening Chandra had come home for, she was pregnant and my neice Kalpana was born.. just a week old.. got a telegram.. that Chinna Mama had met with an accident and he was no was 5 Nov.1980.. that was also Diwali.. My Mom was so badly affected by that shock..the consequent.. events that folded out.. was quite heartening.. even to this date it is fresh in my mind - the last procession , a phenomial happening.. that it was sunny and just that 10 metere radius where the lifeless Chinna Mama was throned to be carried --!!it rainned so heavily with each rain drop was shooting like a pellet on us.. and all of a sudden it stopped.. the crowd was so much that the stretch from our house to the grave next to the river bank a 300 meter strtch was covered with mourning people.. from all walks of life from beauraucrats, politicians, celebrities, common people..I just couldn't stomach that loss and more than the phsycological impact of his loss to the whole family goes inexplicable for all of us are like sheep scatterred from the herd without its saviour.. Later once we had been to one of our cousin's friend's house, I was amazed to see Chinna Mama's photograph being kept in their pooja shelf.. on enquiring.. I was told in most of the houses around in the village it is being kept.. and he had involved each family's member into the society by getting them a regular monthly income in lieu of drught ridden village as the monsoon was failing and almost all were making their living through agriculture.
So it was not just our family that had lost a SAVIOUR.
THe thoughts , emotions and sentiments prevents me penning further..I wanted to share more.. may be some other time..

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