Thursday, 1 May 2008

Destiny is God's wish

Hallo There!
The action is built on belief or is it The belief prompts you to act..!
Should one believe this or is it worth bragging on such philosophical thoughts..Well my Dad had this unique hobby of collecting the astrology chart of every individual in our family, beginning from our Grand dad to my new born niece..He would meticulously document that in a pocket diary it ran to few volumes.That carried the date of birth, time of birth, day of birth and the chart of the planetary position on the said time..!This would appear little strange.. but yes he had been doing it..
We - for we 2 sisters and Brother in laws, and 3 brothers and up to our nieces birth he had a note book the had a explicative description and predictions about each of us and whenever we have nothing specific, our Granny would let us take out this note book and make us read it..( Incidentally Raja would be only a listener as the writings will be in Tamil..!)I should not miss to mention in that it was mentioned that I will be good in Hospitality and cooking.. where at that span none had least knowledge of - CATERING.. was beyond anyones' comprehension..That note had the personality description, your complexion, type of hair, your approximate height, your temper... it was quite amazing.
With the accumulation of time and getting into terms with the reality.. we almost forgot that.. but my Dad was still meticulous to document the Horoscope of each and every new members birth / inclusion in the family..
Later after my marriage.. ( This needs a special and separate occasion to relive which I will certainly do but, later)There came another soul.. Mr. Ratnam, a well wisher for my In Laws. He was a staunch believer in astrology , he was a bit advanced kept his wisdom abreast with the technology.. say.. COMPUTERS AND SOFTWARE and he would have the horoscope drafted whilst we give him the date, Place, Time of birth of every individual in our family.. and for us ( For me & My wife)he had an extra measure of love..He had been admiring all my endeavors right from my career with Taj to starting my own enterprise and craving to go abroad.. and in a way I too had a special regard for this person..!
After the marriage..( 18 Jan. 1993) we had been shuttling between Chennai and Trichy. As my parents were living in Trichy, with Raja and ironically.. at that time I did not have my own house..or a definite plan to stick around since I was fancied to go abroad and earn...!
On one such occasion, it was Varuns' naming ceremony ( The first grandson of our family) at Trichy and surprisingly Sitaram with his wife to accompanied us to Trichy with my wife's Aunts who were invited for the function.. On the day of our departure that morning Mr. Ratnam visited us at home.. I as usual, wished him and was busy with my chore and later during lunch, my Mother - In Law was a bit disturbed, but nothing was discussed.. we all set off to Trichy..
Raja was based in Trichy Sub -Broking in the share market..had his office and I on and off put in my hands in his business ( We never were in terms. As our principles and ideology were stark contrast to each other)Well on that occasion even Madan and Deepti too were in for that function..!The function went on well, Raja was happy as I had participated with my wife and my fiends and colleagues.. and subsequently.. after a couple of days of sight seeing for Sitaram, and my wife's Aunts ( BBJ & BBT)it was their first trip to Trichy and Dad was all the more happy to be the guide.. paraded them all over to his favorite places..It was such memorable span for all concerned. Later we started back to Chennai..
We reached.. by morning 6-00A.M. and all of us split from the bus stop.. as we reached home.. I had some appointments .. to be attended.. but my wife requested me to be with her as she was feeling uncomfortable..!I could not refuse her request, I was just whiling my time, and all at home continued with their chores..
It was around 10-00 A.M.she again complained of acute stomach pain..I rushed to call our family doctor,Dr.Padmini Vasudevan,again a remarkable personality in all strides of life. She is also one of my admirers.. I just do not know the real reason.. the people with whom ever I had come across.. I unconsciously never missed to impress on the first instance.When I had called her she said it would be better if we could make it to her clinic later in the evening.As i headed back home my wife was suffering with much severe pain and she was in foetal position rolled into one ball and she was crying.. My mother in law had just returned from her office for lunch break.. she tried feeding her, as she had nothing since morning.. after a few mouthful she refused to take in anything.. and she was in agony of pain.. and I could not see her like that.. I again called the doctor..then she asked me to get her to the nursing home immediately..
I scampered down to get a cab.. and I could not find one.. there was one auto rickshaw stationed and this driver was all dazed after his drag.. I went upstairs and at that moment.. the stairs were so twisted and I could not carry her alone and to be frank she was weighing little too much though..! Our neighbor Mr. Shantilal and me carried my wife to the awaiting A..U..T..O..this guy was so dazed he could hardly accelerate the vehicle more than 10kmph.had you let me walk, I would have reached the clinic much earlier than we had, by the auto. As we reached the nursing home, the receptionist confirmed ," Is this Ramani?" as I said yes, by the time my wife had become pale and wheatish.. the nurse came in and let my wife lie on the stretcher and beside another rolled out the oxygen cylinder and both were rolled into the operation theater..As I approached the reception I was asked to go fetch the doctor who was across over, attending a lecture. I ran across and I was pretty pressed nothing was striking me, except that reach the doctor but unfortunately the organizers of the lecture was a pharmaceutical company, its' senior persons were preventing me from entering the lecture hall.I saw that Dr. Padmini was at the podium. She on hearing the hustle and bustle at the reception glanced over.. recognizing me.. she excused herself and came over to me. I said that Ramani is at the nursing home.. she said, "Sekar we shall walk across, as driving down will take more time.
As we were walking, she asked me about the blood group as mine was B+ and my wife's was B-, further both my in laws were acute diabetic patients. It was impossible to take blood from her parents. Then she was mentioning that she would be requiring some 3-4 units of blood. She assured me that she would organize for the blood.It is only that I had to go collect it and get back to the nursing home. I was a bit confused, as, she has not even diagonized my wife or physically examined her. I believed her. As I had to wait for sometime to collect my wife's blood as it had to be matched with the donor blood it took about few minutes and she gave me the address of the blood bank. Gathering all, I walked out and I reached the blood bank..
I was asked to wait, as it was shift change over time and the person coming on duty would do the blood match and then give me the blood.. Meanwhile the receptionist was flirting around, giggling and commenting about movie scenes and obscenes.. I was sitting on the edge of the seat. It was almost a couple of an hour.. I could over hear then attending the calls from the nursing home and mentioning that they were conducting the blood match as soon as it gets over they would hand over the blood units to me!..the fact being that they were sitting and gossiping and waiting for the reliever.. after another half an hour.. an attendant said.."You do not have a Insulated container..!How are you going to take it to the clinic..?" I was literally in tears.. I just dashed out.. looking outside the street, on both the sides there were no shops in vicinity..! there was just a stall that was selling cool drinks and sherbet.. I ran to him, asked him for the insulated box with ice that he had.. he said he would do Rs. 100 business that day.. I had no intention of bargaining as I was running against the time.. I just thrusted the money in his hand and grabbed the box with ice and went to the blood bank.. the attendant loaded the blood units into the insulated box and I returned to the nursing home and again on my way back I had a new problem, " Traffic Jam"due to busy office hours.. traffic. on a normal course it would take 15 minutes but then it took all most an hour.. I was cursing myself..
As I reached the nursing home.. the receptionist just waved me to go upstairs.. like wise who ever (the nursing home staff )ran across me, none dared to stop me but directing me to go one stair upstairs by ramp... I was just standing in front of the door.. a pair of hands propped out of the closed door grabbed the box and got closed.
I was drenched with sweat out of exhaustion and fright., as I turned around I was stumped seeing my in law was lying on a bed and having injected with I.V. fluid.. and she was unconscious..!A stranger was beside her .. as I neared her, she said that my mother in law seeing her daughter being taken to the operation theatre she fell unconscious and then later the staff had put her on this...!
It was getting beyond my realms.. of thoughts.. what is happening, what I should do next.. I was in no mood to prioratize my act.. I was assured that my in law was fine and that it was just a shock.. then, I was waiting at the operation theatre, it would be say around another an hour, Dr. Padmini, walked upto me and said, waving her hand to get to the theatre, I was little amazed. As I entered, she took me to the trolly that had a pan with, it had a red fluid with some thing floating, and in another pan a small dark thread like thing was lying.. with a bulge in the middle.

Well Dr. Padmini, refreshing herself, said, Sekar, "Well Sekar, Ramani has really stomached all this 5 liter of blood and half Kg of clot inside her stomack that you see in this pan..! The fact is, you wife was 20 days pregnant, but the egg on its transit in the felopian tube swam slowly, it over grew the size of the tube and it burst in the transit. This caused internal bleeding, which gave me no option but to remove one side of the tube.! This bulge inside the tube is the egg! Well in medical term we call it, " ECTOPIC PREGNANCY... AND IT IS FORTUNATE THAT YOU COULD GET HER THE CORRECT TREATMENT AT THE CORRECT TIME..! HAD IT NOT BEEN SO, I JUST DO NOT WANT TO SPELL THE ULTRA CONSEQUENCE..!! WELL NOW SHE IS FINE YOU CAN GO SEE HER, BY THE WAY, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO GET THE BLOOD UNIT! IT HAD BEEN A CHALLENGE FOR ME TO CONDUCT THE SURGERY WITHOUT THE BLOOD, I TOOK CHANCE AND PRAYING TO GOD THAT YOU REACH ON TIME.. THANK GOD!!! "

I was literally counting stars listening to the message from the doctor, I later, was thinking of my appaling situation, where, I had no time to inform anyone in the family about the operation and all had happened in such a span of a time..
Later when my inlaw got conscious, she referred that Mr. Ratnam had come home last time and cautioned her that Ramani has to be careful that her planetary position are little weak and she will have the knife placed on her stomach...! I did not say this to you or frighten you two by saying this.. I made a mistake.. I should have cautioned you.. she was very apologitic..
Ramani was hospitalized for 3 days and later she was discharged.. I called my parents at Trichy, my sisters and brothers, later all came visited and all the near and dear ones did present themself to extend their moral support. Later it was a tough time for us ( Ramani & Me).. say for about a year to get to normal.

I was wondering, had we known,that we are likely to face such an incident, or had it happened on our journey from Trichy to Chennai.. I shivered and each cell of my body shreiks of such dire situation and wish none to have such situation in their life.Even furthermore, knowing the fate, what would have been the preventive step we would have taken.. or how we could have changed the destiny..
every time I think of this incident, it rings in my ears..." Man Proposes God disposes and destiny is the God's wish!!!"

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