Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ghostly Experience- Danger and Delight grow in one stalk - 1

Hi All!
I suppose that the fear that comes to one depends purely on his/her situation and phsycological status.. We as kids in the colony always fancied spotting a scapegoat for each occasion and push then to the brink of the situation and watch them.. breakdown.. all just for FUN... to get entertained..!
It was one such sombre day.. during the week ends were we had no intention to play anything but to spend the time... Sindhu.. came by and this guy used to be too nosy for his age ( 10years) in our group..he is the youngest.. but yet he talks too much and he always gets away victimizing either .. Rajendran or Shanthi.. with his pranks. So Rajendran and I teamed up and we decided to pull on a hard one on Sindhu.. we were talking sitting underneath the tree, and saw him approaching us.. Rajendran rather loudly mentioned that we would talk about that later while Sindhu is not around.. This had tickled Sindhu and he began cornering Rajendran and in fact threatened him that he would disclose his wrong deeds at school to their Mom.. By then I had picked a smooth stone looking reddish in colour.. and we let him brag on his request for that whole evening.. then we said that we will share some secrets..which for certain he should not divulge to anyone.. defying it.. if he does!! he would fall sick and he would vomit blood and meet with an accident.. by placing all such fear ful thoughts in his mind..
Later again to tipup his anxiety.. I said to Rajendran," Do you think he would be able to handle this..?"
Rajendran said, " I doubt.. he has the habit of sneaking and exposing , means he can't hold on to any secrets.. it would be to his adverse situation.. then I have to tell all at home..that would put me in danger of falling sick, vomiting or even get into uneventful accident.. and so lets not do it..!"
Sindhu on hearing such dialogues from behind the tree got more anxious to know and eventually at that time too their parents had been out of station.. That night at their house we were all spending time to give them company and we all left little late.. during that time.. Sindhu was restless and pestering Rajendran and in fact with wielded threats to expose him.. of all his mischievous deeds at school..
We had dragged his curiosity till the next day evening... and Sindhu's parents were expected to be back only after a couple of days.. we had decided to pull him to the next stage of curiosity..So later that evening while it was getting slightly dark.. we pulled him to the corner of the colony end incidentally that was near the mortuary of the hospital which always bore that sore and haunting look with one filament bulb burning giving the impression that it might get fused any time.. and the shadows of the pepal tree towering over it with a bizarre shadows in the night.. and the ambulance parked in front of the shed.. we had the required effect in Sindhu and I had the red stone covered in my kerchief, while revealing a part of the stone to Sindhu and said, " Look this an unique egg of an elephant and anybody has cast the vision should not reveal to anyone and by mistake if they start talking to anyone who has not seen that will start getting sick, start vomiting blood and furthermore will meet an eventful accident..." listening to the narration with an awful attention he had his heart bouncing out through his mouth... then he began sweating.. rubbing his palm.. he looked around checking that none had overheard us talking.. we took his promise and left the place.. once again..reminding him of the bizarre consequences..
While Sindhu for the next 2 days was aloof not talking to anyone.. while Rajendran personally had a chat with him.. he said that by force he was gaging himself to avoid talking to anyone about the elephant egg..! again Rajendran with an awful expression.. left Sindhu to live alone with the secret,,.. Sindhu was acting different and all other kids became aware of that as he was not moving around as himself.. but keeping quite and sitting in one corner of the house.. he skipped his meals.. just had coffee.. he was punishing himself.. Rajendran & I were amused..
Then the day of the arrival of Sindhu's parents... Rajendran and me had forgot all about this and we were busy playing cricket.. and suddenly the servant maid from Rajendran's house came and informed Rajendran & Me that his mother was calling us..we without any inhibition went his place.. as we entered.. Sindhu was crying.. and his mother was consoling him.. as we entered.. Sindhu ran into the bedroom and began crying vehemently.. we were shocked , his Mom came and offered me a cup of coffee and without much fuss mentioned that Sindhu was behaving crankily and also mentioned that he is holding on to a secret which he should not divulge but he could not sit tight with it and started blabbering about some "Elephant egg..." and she sarcastically looked at me.. I was totally not prepared for this.. I smiled at her and said that we wee pulling some pranks on Sindhu as he was creating trouble amongst the kids by gossiping and just for the sake of fun we had deliberately did that.. she acknowledgedly smiled.. and left it there..a little later.. Sindhu was chasing Rajendran all over the colony with his bat to attack him and we all were ripped with roaring laughter.. and Sindhu was fuming and fretting for he had become the laughing stock then... you know.. I enjoyed this situation while someone else was the subject..When.. it dawned on me.... I will relate about that in the next

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