Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ghostly Experience- Danger and delight grow in one stalk - 2

Well... the saying goes that " What you sow.. So you reap..."Is it not funny..The place with so many different people around you some admiring, some defying and all with assorted emotions.. and we as kids getting to rise to the mantle.. of expectations.. but by heart while we meet our childhood friends.. all those moments.. goes in a flash on your mind... it is really worth.. reliving all your life time...!
I suppose you all remember my mates in the colony, whom I had mentioned.. likewise, this guy B.Ram, whose mother was matron in the hospital and being a rogue in the school.. had dropped out of the school as he did not clear is high school finals in the first attempt he had changed to a new school.. again.. in that tenure.. getting along with different crowd and subsequently.. he was alienated at our place.. I had a soft corner for this guy... and later we gelled quite well and subsequently.. he was wanting to get into Catering college..
B.Ram being son of the matron and Shiva was so of the Chief Nurse in the special ward.. and that was the time Bapbhi was admitted in the hospital as she was suffering from "Urinal Infection".. While she was admitted in the special ward.. and B.Ram was filled with stories about the "Ghost in the hospital.." and particularly in the specific places where the odd events would occur .. we on our regular visit to see Bapbhi and entertain her.. on the contrary had her completly disturbed with the scary ghost episode in the hospital and poor Bapbhi was in tears. and each day we start with some jokes and end up with the ghost stories and were little sadistic.. All these had been happening and I had just started working in the hotel where I had to work split shift . That meant I will sign off late and reach home by around 2.00 A.M.
I was little.. fortunate at times, I would hitch hike and reach home with my colleague Sitaram.. ( Another soul in my career.. whom I would describe my -NINAIVUGAL-later).
Well on one instance.. it was a month end and I had got delayed and being so.. Sitaram was working in the personnel department.. by chance had left early and I had to take the public transport, that to.. I had to wait little longer.. and it was quite tiring.. one can assume the exhaustion working in hotels and at the end of the day .. my muscles were begging for a rest.. I gt on to the bus . and was lucky to get a seat next to the window.. the journey was for almost an hour and the chill breeze sweeping across my face.. I dozed off.. and fortunately.. the person sitting next to me was getting down at the same place where I had to get off..he was kind of to see me get off at the correct stop.. I thanked him and got down.. you know.. your 6th sense always - that is your instinct.. gave a signal.. when things are going to be wring.. I was stupid enough to brave it off and continued my tred..!
I would have crossed few paces, where in I realized there was no electricity and the whole place was dark.. being the place where I had roaming around, know it even I am blind folded.. I was laughing to myself and suddenly my smile was staved in by a barking of the dog.. in the darkness i had stamped it and it was so furious on me it almost bit me the bite holding to socks.. it began fiercely pulling and for a moment the 14 rabies injection if bites me.. I was getting scared to my life and I began shouting at it and the people who were sleeping on the open due to electricity short .. woke up and showing the torch. on to my face.. were relieved that me not being a trespasser..and eventual.. chased the dog away and with no reaction they went back to sleep instantaneously!!! I my heart skipped a beat or two but yet I was resilient to continue and reach home..! I with no perception was walking down and as I reached the end of the road and I was entering the colony by climbing over a small ramp across open drain and as i turned to my right I was froze like a rock as the whole place was dark and I could see the hospital building in the silhouette and just the Mortuary bulb was flickering.. playing hide and seek with the shadows of the Banyan tree leaves..was exhibiting some frightening images.. I was quite bewildered at the instance.. nevertheless. having crossed the ramp and overstepped the distance.. I almost reached the apron of the road where there was the thorny shrubs that were forming the fence of the house at the corner wavering on that windy dark night.. got hold of my shirt at the back.. I was left to wonder nothing else but Ghost attacking from the back.. I literally plucked myself and had no daringness to turn back and see.. but just had my shirt pulled from the assumed grip of the ghost.. it got torn into shreds.. I walked few steps in quick successions. I was entering the open space where we all used to play the football where it had a slide in the middle..( I was certain of that structure in the middle) all around was dark due to devoid of electricity which was not realized by me.. as i was nearing the middle of the field.. I could see a red spot of light that was glowing in the mid air... I just stopped for a split second .. with the successive events of the dog chase.. nightmare thoughts seeing the mortuary and the torn shreds of shirts.. on my back.. I had no options but just to continue my attempt to reach home which was just 30 meters away ...
At that moment . I realized it.. being so close yet it looked oceans away from my reach...I summed up my daringness.. and took a couple of steps.. the red spot was like.. it glows to a brighter mode and then sobers down.. it was happening in a regular interval.. I by walking those few steps had no more energy or daringness left as I could see the light in mid air it was more frightening.. with me sweating and my shirts and pants clinging to my body despite the chilly , windy, night.. getting another couple of steps near the slide .. it was getting more brighter.. and out from the blue.. a voice commanding at me.. " What happened.. you are so late.. ?" At that moment.. I just wanted to shout away my heart out filled with fear .. nothing coming to my rescue..even my voice failed.. I began choking..my throat went dry and my legs I felt like it got tied to a rock not even able to pull up an inch... the dogs in the colony - seeing the acquainted person.. they began circling my legs.. but . I was more frightened with the earlier experience of the dog almost chewing my socks.. I trampled on the dogs and ran for the life to wards the thick thorny bushes that were the rear side of the house.. where I reached and all over it was dark.. and reaching the front of the house I kept .. thumping the calling bell switch never uttered a wimp of the noise.. it almost skipped my mind that there was no electricity.. and I kept banging the door none had heard as all were deep asleep at home.. I was frightened for my life.. with place all around dark and the incidents began rolling out in my mind again.. I almost fainted at the door. after sometime.. I had Raja come out of his sleep.. open the door and saw me lying at the door step was shocked dragged me and showered some chill water on my face..I gained consciousness..I did not speak anything out of exhaustion..hit the bed straight..
Later next day I was sipping my coffee siting at the front of the house.. at Aravind's house the guy who was washing the car stared at me for a while then said, " Sekar , why were you so scared last night while you were coming back..! I was sitting on the slide and taking a drag.. you did not even to bother to respond while I called you... !!"
I just looked at him and went near him and slapped him on his back for having frightened me to hell..! while I related the sequence of the events.. Ghaye, Aravind, Baphi, Rajendran, Shiva, B.Ram and other kids around.. all looked at me with a amazement and amusement and Bapbhi said.. " Now you understand how it feels while you are frightened.. about ghost.. !"

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