Friday, 4 April 2008

Travel- All alone - that too by ...!!!! Chandra

The time changes or is it the persons' needs and wants that make the changes in ones life , which we see as the time changes..!!! As Swetha- my daughter is studying in 6th standard and my wife was in a determined course to buy a house for us as we had been .. going places and we have never ever accumulated any immovable- asset to ourselves.. and quite certain with her decision to get the plan implemented she kept shuttling between Delhi & Chennai... and not to miss mentioning her companion being our 3 year old Mithran.
We were quite worried with Swethu's schooling getting disrupted and there had been too many shuffling of the plans ... and finally we came to a decision that.. we should not hinder Swetha's studies..
Ramani having put so much effort at Chennai,in finalizing the house was little worried as neither me nor Swethu were around to get the perceptions and and imaginations of the house and its features.. would it be practical..or whether it is to our taste..! so many question churning her brain she quite hesitantly inquired me.. whether she could let Swetha travel to Chennai by air.. as she felt little guilty , as we were to take a big stride in our life.. and ironically she had to single handedly decide representing all of us..!
Well, for Swetha who is quite adventurous and out going person...was delighted at the chance for her to travel all alone from Delhi to Chennai... and apparently having traveled with us nothing was either strange or new to her.! She did accomplish her journey very comfortably... This drags me to about 30 years down my memory lane...
I was in my nursery class... where my class gets over by Noon... that afternoon while I reached home.. the quite background at home was very evident.. and my elder sister- Chandra was in the last room where we used to keep the mattress and pillows and also.. the sweets and savories during the festival period - Diwali in a caged cupboard.. She was all red.. after crying.. her eyes red and face swollen..!I as a kid had no idea for it was for or the reason or the logic behind this harsh treatment to my beloved sister.. as a token of acknowledgment I or rather we all- Bala, Raja & me never went to that room and we had to be comprised of the evening play time and also not entering the room to take our day's share of the sweets & savories..
Our Granny was as usual sitting in front and Jaya was quite obediently helping Mom with errands.. but on and often.. while Mom crosses that place.. she will address Chandra with harsh words..It was not coherent for us kids or in fact for me.. All I could decipher was that.. Chandra who had been to my Uncle's place , which was about.. 3hrs journey from my place.. and she had requested our uncle to drop her back home - as our cousin, Muru who was then studying was likely to visit us coming from his place - Chidambaram appearing for some entrance exam in Trichy...
Our uncle who was working in a bank.. due to professional compulsion had not been able to accompany her and incidentally that was during the week days.. and now having sharpened our social attributes,we would be able to see one's professional commitments..
My Mom... who is always.. concerned about us.. such that she decided that my Sisters- Chandra & Jaya having completed high school, it was sufficient for their livelihood as they would get married , getting educated any higher was of no purpose...very conservative and sentimental..For my Mom... with such ideology... seeing Chandra,undergoing.. the travel.. that too all alone.. she had committed a grave sin.. in her anger my Mom was helpless as my Dad did not see anything wrong but in fact about to express his surprise on Chandra attempting to travel alone.. this infuriated Mom.. she began blasting..all in the family for such e reckless behavior and carelessness towards the children.. My Granny was quite and still as a rock not being able to defend any of her sons' approach or attitude..This eventually became such an issue and all concerned- My Uncle, Aunts, Granny had their own interpretations which resulted in family cold war amongst the elders and ironically not affecting any of us..
Chandra:- She being one of the most pampered grand child in the family.. had nothing to demand or pull out pranks for her demands.. she had it the way she wants.. may be this prevented her from attempting anything adventurous..there had been occassions.. where her gracing the occasions where imminent.. and if she had to travel alone.. ( Which never happened)One of we brothers.. ( Bala, Raja or me) would accompany or mostly it would be my Brother-in-Law..
The days have eroded and the time had changed, but for her, she could not come off this shell and undertake traveling alone..I was in a rough patch with my business and I had given up that and took on the job for which I moved to Delhi and while Mithran was born.. one of the cherished moments in my life and ironically none of my beloved people were there near me ( Lust, Hatred, difference of opinion,,,,& much more).I was shocked to my bones.. when I realized that I am all alone and despite being one of the 50 odd kids in a such a big family and your own Kith & Kin among them - are 4 .. well Later.. while encountering each other.. you debate.. argue.. but on the occasion.. the void that had been exhibited.. has left a deep scar in my heart..

All had reasons. and Chandra said...," How do you expect me to travel alone..!!? and attend the function.. You should have come to pick me up !!!!!"

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