Sunday, 4 May 2008

You will not be condemned for your yesterday's acts provided you act correctly today 2

Hi There!!
The memories when it begins to chew the pleasant ones the time passes by pretty quick.. isn't it?? Yeah.. obviously, with girls strength bettering us, that is we were 15 and they were 16... Well on most of the occasions, Govardhan and me would cross swords for instance, while playing games,becoming captain of the football team, taking the cycle of Usha Kumari to go home for Lunch, getting nominated as Team Captain, organising an event in the school.. though each despised one another, we were good friends, by the way choosing our career, while I joined Madras Catering College ( By accident), he was adamant to join, he missed the bus for that academic year, he was so obsessesed with the course, that in the subsequent year he joinned the course at Bombay Dadar catering college.. and now he has migrated to Australia and well established, ..
Well, yeah it was one such occasion, The whole school was fewerish with our school football team enering the divisional match finals.. we were quite religiously practising , Bhaskar at the outset, he is such a sober guy, Zubair was a soft spoken pious , Giri - comical and Vishy quite emotional and dedicated , Bala as you all already know.. I always get astonished with his timmings and sense of humour..
We: Zubair, Govardhan and me always be a part in any of the sport- Atheletics, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Hockey and I used to go a little further in Quiz , oratory in academic side too..!
We all were busy practising for the match at the ground.. Bhaskar had some personal work, he excused himself and left early.. we allfinished the practise and we returned to the class to gather our books.. Govardhan,, came running to us mentioning that hi bicycle was missing..that was parked next to the class..The situation became gloom..
Well the scene became more serious as he can't return home without his cycle, meanwhile Giri undertook his " Sherlock Holmes " instinct, he went on a survey of the place where the cycle was parked and found the chips of paints.. and he even, tracked the tyre traxks to the direction where the cycle had been peddled away..The theory that was concluded that." The theif had broke open the lock and taken away the cycle.!"
Zubair was consoling Govardhan.. then we all accompanied, Govardhan to the principle's office, stated the happening, took the permission and we went to the local police station to lodge a complaint.Subsequently,we all accompanied Govardhan to his house which was right behind the police station.
Next day our principal made Govardhan stand in front of all the students, mentioned about the theft of his bicycle.. and was delivering a sort of condolence speach and condemning such behaviour of theft in the school premises.. Zubair and me , were standing last in the row.. as I had mentioned about the size of the windows in our school that were as big as door through one such window , we saw Bhaskar came cycling ( Govardhan's bicycle!!! ) quite hurriedly as he was late for the school.. he had least knowledge of the previous days events in the school, as he had left early..

We were quite puzzled.. not able to imagine.. the sequence..Zubair and me quitely completed the prayer and we reached the class, found Bhaskar was sitting casually.. when we questioned him that how he had taken the cycle that was locked. without pressing the panic button.. he mockingly said.. "Hey, for this cadylock vehicle I just had to tap the lock with a stone it opened up and as I was in hurry to reach home.. I thought that I can inform Govardhan later, but unfortunately after reaching home , I was asked to go to my Aunts house that was quite far and I returned only this morning and I did not have the chance to inform him.. anyway I will tell him now..!"
Govardhan seeing his cycle was so thrilled but while all came to know about Bhaskar .. it became little messy.. then we all went to the Pricipal and informed him about the incident and then we all accompanied Govardhan to the police station to withdraw the complaint..It was such an incident.. that even today when I see a batterd bicycle being parked I think of this and laugh to myself..! quite funny though!!

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