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Coffee calamities

Hi All!!
Wow, I feel relaxed with afresh cup of coffee in my hand the tantalizing aroma that oozes out the refreshing feeling..!It is no wonder that the sheep behaved strangely ,that had ate these lovely berries in the forest of Ethopia and began dancing..around 8th centuary - COFFEE was discovered by that shepherd and had transcended down all these centuries to countries all over the globe.Coffee a unique commodity that has demand proclaimed as the cash crop and in the podium of the international commodity trading.. it is designated as 7th..
Well though coffee being the natinol drink of Ethopia and by its trail odd history, it was said that in early days back around 14th century in places where the consumption of alcohol was was taken in as substitute.. that is in Islamic countries, this subsequently led to the prohibition of coffee in orthodox African - Christian followers.. it was taken a little ahead with a fanatical approach such that it was antogonised by the physicians , as the revelation called,"WORD OF WISDOM" which referred that," HOT DRINKS ARE NOT FOR BELLY", the ardent followers were asked to abstain from COFFEE AND TEA..! Well it is a sad story for those ingnorant.. individual missed this wonderful drink in their lifetime..Well every thing in life has its' merrit and demerrit and as long as they are consumed within the limit it bwill dispense its good qualities.. that would contradict the latest scientific substatiation that though it fights Alzheimer, Parkinsons, Coronory diseases but it is said to be aggevating hypermagnesaemia, short term memory

l now have some statistics and anecdotes to share with you all and to boast off such drink how it had played calamities in my life...!!!
To put it chronologically.. I was around 5 years old,at my Aunts house where we had farm with cows and that was the time my cousin.. Prabhakaran got married and my sweet new Sister in law.. Renuka.. she was getting the coffeee prepared with the milk that just had been milked.. fresh and frothy and my Aunt had always been specific to get the coffee powder from the particular brand- Peaberry Roast from "NARASU'S COFFEE" The filter with the decoction spreading the imbibing aroma, one does get floored after a tiring day, entering the house and gets rejuvenated with this fresh cup of brewed coffee. I was trying to pull my pranks by complaining that the coffee has been prepared with watery milk( I had been ignorant to the customery Mother in Law Vs., Daugher in Law ). domestic epical fued..My new sister in law was almost to her tears as she mentioned that she prepared the coffee with the milk that had just been milked from the cow..but the coffe had lost its fresh stimulating aroma as the can had been kept open , which at that age I was not able to diffrentiate that nor express in words.. it had become so embarassing for my Mom, Aunt and Sister In Law.. which I regretted for my life.. or may be that her curse had made me to crave for a cup of coffee in my later days

I was running my enterprise.. " PICK PACK CATERERS" in Chennai, I was churning the days by running around and toiling for almost 18-20 hrs a day.. So one can imagine.. my visit to home was only to strect out and for a cup of coffee .. and that was the time the situation was getting little brittle between my Mom and my sister in law ( Vasantha Rani Balasubramaniyam)The unattended domestic silly issues would take a himalayan proportions.. and I never make fuss about things, used to get over and do it myself not being an issue to others.. so in the morning, I began preparing my cup of coffee and this was not known to anyone at homefor some time.. One fine day my Mom accidently got up and saw me in the kitchen preparing coffee she did not ask me anything, from the next day onwards, she got up early to prepare the coffee and have the entrance, swept- sprinkle water and draw the kolam before anyone leaves the house a custom that brings prosperity and an age old custom that was devoutly followed at our house till then..!Later me not getting served morning coffee took the prime slot in the family dispute and it never got none were together due to many changes in each of our lives..!

Well it was one more instance, after marriage, my Sister in law "KOKILA" we had never encountered each other or for that matter never talked.. Please do not let you imagination stallion run amock.. thinking she is orthodox.. no never.. to put it black and white, she was detesting me as I had taken her only Sister away from her...!!It would have been almost 9 years since our acquaintance, it was that day of Ramani's operation Koki talked to me ..funny is int it?? but yes true..!Well then I had this habit of drinking coffee quite frequently but in small quantities.. to patronise my habit my Mom had a small coffee filter that she presented my wife specially mentioning about my habit after our marriage..!Well , Koki was at home since Ramani was forbidden to do any work after the operation.. I requested her for coffee and she with reluctance, she half heartedly prepared the coffee.She just by stirring the decoction to the hot milk and not tossing it and frothless gave me the coffee.. It is never acceptable for me and I too, got little instigated.. I insisted that coffee be served properly or else never give me coffee.. she thought I was fooling her.. she was leaving for some work.. in front of her as she was watching me.. I poured the coffee intro the drain.. which had insulted her and we became dump between us for almost next 2 years not uttering a word.. that had become a big issue .

Well the epitome of this all was the incidents that happened while I was in Bombay whilst I was pursuing my efforts to go abroad to earn..! At the time Govardhan was working in Searock Hotel as chef..I had been spawning Bombay up and down. and I was fortunate enough at that time to get Lodged in Gayathri's place in Kalina- Indian Airlines Quarters.. After almost a month later. I met Govardhan.. and in between I had been drowned and soaked with Tea and dreadful "Instant Nescafe" at evry restaurant in Bombay.. The sickening part is the way the drink is served. you ask a waiter for coffee, he gets a cup, filled with milk, with malai floating and instant coffee powder spooned on top and a tea spoon careening inside the cup , It would be such a sweet insipid beverage.. one has to wonder how in the world would people call that as.. COFFEE..! and above that in Gayathri's place it is strictly TEA.. as I had never been demanding.. I would just gulp that was offered to me.. with remorse emotions.. Well it was like a boon from the angel when Govardhan said.,"Come down to my place, we shall stay over night in my room in the hotel staff room. In the morning I will give you filter coffee!!" That was a required line for me to be hooked as I had almost forgot COFFEE!! It was like Eve offering the apple to Adam.. which I could not resist.. I said ok..! And you won't believe I was just looking at the clock for it to strike 10-00P.M. and I then felt ,How strange and slow time passes while you are eager for something .. it was moving at snail's pace..
Then I bade goodnight to Gayathri and reached the hotel, I went around the hotel he introduced me to his colleagues and later as we were heading to his room.. one of the cook came to him protesting.. as he was asked to continue his shift on double.. Govardhan.. authoritatively reinstated that statement and walked out.. that guy was cursing him and left to the kitchen.. Govardhan and me were talking about our school days, later he called the reception and asked for a reverie call by 5-30 A.M.Though I was awake.. jus lying down.. thinking of my coffee.. dreaming about.. in between in the sleep, heard the twingling sound of the phone. but Govardhan not responding it was almost 6-00 A.M. there was a knock at the door.. while I saw the time and Govardhan still on the bed I was shocked as he was the duty chef for the morning where by he had to be in the kitchen by 5-45 A.M. As I turned around, he had vanished.. later I freshened up and went upto the kitchen to see Govardhan.. the kitchen looked like a war field.. he was hoovered over by his F&B Manager, Coffee Shop Manager, Room Service Manager,inside his cabin.. he was standing quite sorrowfully getting all the verbal batterings .. in that Katrinaic situation I did not dare to go near the cabin.. walking by I asked the chef whom I met the previous evening.. He very solemnly declared that, " Last night the Commis Chef who was asked to do double shift, had the 250 litres of milk burnt and he had that milk served as bed coffee for 300 odd room service trays, filled in the burnt milk in the coffee shop milk boiler.. it had been so serious.. that all the executives are waiting in chef's cabin for the G.M. to come.. it was going to be very bad for Chef Govardhan..!!" I left the place.. wondering is that my stars had effect on Govardhan or is it because I asked for coffee Govardhan got into such a mess..
Later in my hard times while I get a chance to drink coffee these episodes take a fast forward onto my memory lane.. with inexplicable emotions with just a small lightening of smile on my face where all around would look at me amused and sometimes quizzically... " ALL FOR A CUP OF REFRESHING SOOTHENING COFFEE!!" Is anyone out there to offer me a cuppa!!!!

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