Sunday, 13 December 2009

All too frequently, anxiety crushes not only your spirit and your potential, but your ability too1

The aspiration in life drags you to situations that there are no "TEXT BOOK REFERENCES" where one can find solutions are have handy pictures of the consequences... it is, all new phase and untrodden path , we have to navigate ourself..!

While we pursue our attempts with aspiraton of reaching our ambition, meanwhile we get to the point of anxiety then there it goes, the anxiety puts all into peril and non existance - your efficiense, logic, spirit, potential and not the least sense.

The " NATIONAL CHRISTIAN YOUTH CONVENTION" at Chennai in 1991. This was a prestigious event being a national convention and I was fortunate to be one those coveted catering entrepruners at the Madras city. It is said that ,"No matter where you go!!, it is more important, whom you know there!!!." The fraternity- INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT CATERING TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED NUTRITION, and the fold of the cats - Late Mr. Aron Victor , Mr. Rajesh Prakasam, Mr. Thimmaya, Mr. Ramanathan, Mr. Robert, Mr. Srinivasan. these individuals did polish my business career in one way or other. The convention fell onto my lap as Mr. Xavier, brother of Mr. Aron Victor was a prominent member in the church association. The deal which I got embroiled into had left a sour, by which I refrain to get into business till date.!!!!! you may say my anxiety has paid the dividend ....!

While I discussed the potential and the prospects of this big event - catering for the convention- 6000 delegates, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days on the trot.!!! I had never had the least doubt ( i was confident, if given the opportunity, I will certainly execute it!My banker - STATE BANK OF INDIA, siruthozil Branch Nungambakkam, The Divisional Manager - Mr. Shanmugam was one of those ardent patrons... He was so obsessed with my project that he had displayed my project as one of the beneficiaries in the national scheme to support the self employed technocrats , he organised for a run through pictures from start of my day to the end in photographical display , the photographer was literally glued to me clicking pictures.. I was astonished to know that those snaps were exhibited by STATE BANK OF INDIA - NATIONAL EXHIBITION for self employed youth and programmed supported by small scale industry sector banking.!

Mr. Shanmugam advised me to have all proposals as contract in writing as it warrants finance from banking institutions. The situation with the convention organisers was getting little wierd and having my contacts back to my catering college, I was certain to clinch the deal, I began my part in getting back my confidants.. as Raja was there with me, Muthuganesh had left me and I was handicapped, it did take quite an effort for me to rue him back in action for this huge project.. I was getting desperate.. and the time was just diluting away from me.. and meanwhile.. the aspect of documentaion went off the oblivion. The day I presented the samples for the committee members, I was so naive and my faith and trust on Mr. Xavier, brother of Mr. Aron Victor was like Mt. Everest..The sampling was a run away success , the deal for the catering which I had submitted as quote was not discussed and I was quite confused.. in principle I was offered the contract and I was puzzled to have it just by oral declaration and no DOCUMENTATION.. The time factor was booing me at the back of my mind... I decided to plunge myself into act... in that anxiety....

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