Sunday, 20 December 2009

All too frequently, anxiety crushes not only your spirit and your potential, but your ability too 2

The concept, attempt to accomplish, the enthusiasm, the contacts and the least thing that I did not evaluate was,!!!- FAITH , TRUST, COMMITMENT and SINCERITY that I demonstrate- that my counterpart too would exhibit!!!

The consequence of the loss has literally made me a vagabond since then, I would never forgive myself for having behaved so naive in my business, that gave an opportunity for some one to exploit me and now... I am still trying to negotiate myself to come in terms with facts and reality that.. I am on and off away from all my near and dear ones,

The subsequent flow of events, I had to moblise the materials, Mr. Venkiah Naidu- the person who used to supply commodities in the Officer's colony at Ayanavaram was referredd to us by Mrs. Shanmuganathan , the family which had been in all our family encounters- be it good or bad, they were the one to whom my Mom would lean upon... I had to get little brash with Mr. Naidu during the business transactions for my PICK PACK and I was quite struck while he had forgiven and support me by extending his contacts of other suppliers..from Rice, Oil, Groceries... it was quite heartening!

While I had to source out the suppliers for Meat- Chicken, I had taken the support of my then would be Father In Law Mr. Damodharan from Tamil Nadu Dairy Development Corporation, ass he was working in the ministry of Animal Husbandry department. The Modern Bread factory our neighboring compound for the Catering college!!! The reference from the college to get the bread was easy but later the excess bread return was a new experience ..... The business logic has no relevence to sentiments or consideration!
The contract signing never happened as Mr. Xavier was mediating and ASSUMING " ALL EZ WELL"I started pounding my resourrces and the silver lining to my 5 days started with my imported cooks from Chettinaad! thanks to Singaravel, our the Man dependable - ( Please do not mistake mefor using this phrase that goes to Rahul Dravid - the indian cricketer!!!! but actually that was how Singaru was for our family in all our family occassions from marriage, or any kind of ceremony. I was sweeped off my floor while he mentioned about his experience in organising the functions for Mr.Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan at his village - Soorakottai!!! mobilising the catering staff in lorries and catering to 25000 people.... looked quite convincing as he had been shouldering me in my childhood days at Vallampadugai, Chidambaram where our uncle / grandfather had the M.T.R. Rice Mill where Singaru was the chef with the staff of almost 100 people and while we visit you can add another 40-50 heads to his head count and our vaccation would be for not less than a month!!!! our golden age of Mr Thiruvengadam Pillai family clan!!!!
The dying flame of my business was glowing with my contract with Canara Bank Chennai-circle office with 600 odd staff and the "The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited- Tondiarpet installation with 300 odd staff with catering within the premises was a horrifying experience handling 4 different employee union and its representatives each posing a unique threat to operation, hunger strike . I relentlessly fought the tide to keep me afloat..!
The day Bala declared the shutter down for PICK PACK CATERERS activities I was shatterred. I had none to confide. I pleaded for one chance to revamp my shortfall with catering of THE NATIONAL CATERING YOUTH CONVENTION the maths was a simple straight calculation to raise one hundred thousand rupee where the total billing for tthe event was for around five hundred thousand. I was certain to get that as nett profit after the event!!!!!
The concurrance to cater to that event was given only on the acceptance that I will close all my business attempt after that event... I was afraid to even think that ," If I fail what would be the consequence!"

In a way with all puzzle pieces falling in line gave the confidence:
Singaru joining me at PICK PACK CATERERs as chef, Muthu Ganesh accepted to be next to me!, The suppliers through Mr. Venkiah Naidu, Obviously, Bala - Mookiah and Sons, Aravind, Kutty Bala, Kishore, Zubair, Bala, Bhaskar,Vishwanath, Nataraj,TKSM Shanmugasundaram and his friends from Arts and Crafts college.... I was on cloud 9!!!!!

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