Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ghost.... Ran away from us...!

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I had been contemplating on sharing this experience on quite many occasions... not that I did not want to frighten you all... rather I was getting slight shivering s.. thinking of those deadly situations of my adolescence...
I was studying 4th.. yes the year my eldest sister got married.. I hope it is not required to re-relate the place - the colony - the lovely surroundings,with all kinds of species of plants, shrubs, trees, ( Not to miss on the snakes, scorpions, snails and all others..!)In short you can say it was like living in the sanctuary.!
Our 6th sense was well sharpened in analyzing the sounds if somebody is walking on the dead leaves or is it the dogs running or is it the reptiles sneaking under the rotten leaves.. is it creepy!!!. but at that time, we really lived with such things place that was the colony with well spaced bungalows where if there was no electricity, you can imagine... the plight of we kids.. horrifying...
My sister after seeing some crazy horror movie would re enact the scene by holding a lamp covering her head with a hood and cat walking across room where literally one would wet their dresses..I really mean it.. Like adding salt to the wound she would laugh in such a shrill full voice one's blood will certainly freeze. ( This was a sort of an entertainment for all of us while our parents would lets us in her custody..and go on a trip to places.)
On such occasions we wouldn't dare to even look at the glassed windows during night and never defy her in any of her orders right from doing our home works to grinding batter for Idlies & Dosas for our meals, the subsequent days or even watering the plants around the compound or cleaning the garden..Would anyone ever think of defying..! while you experience such shrills and shreikful moments.. ( Confiding now I really enjoyed that and relive it by relating now after so many years.)
One evening my Sister , Uncle, my brothers and cousins we went for a movie that was screened at the Railway Institute.. and we were talking about the comedy in the movie and walking back home. We had left our Second sister back home baby sitting for my niece.. and our granny was also at home. My niece had this habit of falling asleep only you rock her on the swing..that was in the front veranda of the house.At the portico we had just a lamp atop and all the trees around and a short barbed wire fence running across the front of the house. Facing ahead there was a storm water drain and then the road that snakes down. There was a church around which the road runs and the road splits in four different direction in which one of he corner our house was nestled..! Not to miss out the huge old trees around .. on a dark night if one has the guts to gaze up to the see the frightening silhouette of the trees, will assume the shapes that will cause you a nightmare..
Well walking back home from a distance we just saw some one walking outside the house to the full length gracefully.. We all immediately wondered how could our Sister stroll out at such odd hours..walking few steps ahead.. We found that there was no lights on or the main door neither open.. walking further nearer we saw the individual wearing strikingly snow white dress.. that was never the colour my sister had ever worn.
You could say that all these probabilities were getting evaluated and concluded in about 200 meters away from the house fence.Well by then my brother and me were concerned that someone has walked into our fence to steal the Lime and fruits that had cropped in abundance in our garden which was the targets for most of our schoolmates.This hit both of us simultaneously and we both left others behind and rushed towards to the house....
The fencing was just 3 feet tall as we ran towards the fence..shouting at the stop and we were eager to see who could that were neared the scene we could smell a striking smell of jasmine and lime and some unique odor.. this further prompted us to get closer.. not thinking anything else..
The main compound was a square one and our house was in the middle .. to save the most of our favorites we had thatched the fence from the wall of he house running to the outter fence on the both the sides in front .To get in we had a thatched door that was closed.
As we jumped over the fence the individual was moving ahead of us towards the thatched fence but with no haste.We were shouting our heart out to stop the individual but in vain.. the individual was just a a few steps ahead of us ..
The individual was swaying in front of us towards the thatched door and beyond.. we followed it not realizing that that had crossed the door without opening it but we went chasing it by opening the door,little further down at the back yard also we had a similar fence and a hatched door were the wall that fenced from the out house were our servant quarters was and fortunately all were sleeping inside , were usually they would be sleeping out in the open.. and we went running behind the individual (even that night being humid and sweaty we both - my brother & me were feeling chill). One of my favorite Jackfruit trees was at the backyard. It had the maximum fruits that year and we were concerned that someone had targeted we neared the back gate where by then I realized that the individual ahead of us was speeding across all the barriers without opening and where as we were chasing behind by opening the door one after the another...I just tugged back my brother who by then had climbed up the back door as it was chained and locked.. The individual turned to right and it went to the open yard where we kids all used to play the seasonal game from football, hockey, cricket, badminton, etc., there used to be a huge tall palmyrah tree.. the individual went near that tree and to that height it rose as a white light and vanished off in the dark..for a moment the chillness was so stiff that we both we felt shivering cold and after a moment it was getting humid and we began sweating and we couldn't explain anything to anybody. By then my sister, uncle and cousins all had reached home and woke up all and reached the back yard
My granny came rushing to us .. did some funny things which I don't understand even today but still remember that we both had temperature for a couple of days and were never let to play in that ground for sometime..
I am still dazed thinking of that incident .. if this means anything to you will you please let me know....P...L...E..A..S..E..

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