Thursday, 7 February 2008

Filail Duty

Hi All Out There!
Well, first let me get to ease after my splash dash trip to India.I suppose I do have a sense of fulfillment after this trip. It may rather appear nothing too big ... but after analyzing the situation that I had gone through... and what I have completed.. it does give me sigh of accomplishment...

I would say that I had rose to the expectations of my Parents..( Though my Dad is no more...) I am sure he will be hovering around and would certainly feel proud with what I have done....Let me not brag on this too much by coming to the subject straight.
Well as I had mentioned that my Dad was an employed and holding the torch of the Family despite not being the eldest Son... just respecting my Granny's request, he was the shepherd for the Family pride and dignity..This evaded my Dad to be a proud owner of a house.
Those were the days where by being an officer in a Government organization but not enjoying even the basic needs, that appeared to be the luxuries.. like Family outing..Picnicking...Vacation...It was a total leak proof budgeted Family with 5 Kids and an elderly Mom and with wagons of expectations from the Paternal relations..
The festival seasons for us as Kids were moments for celebrations and joy, but for our parents that had to be nightmare making both the ends meet..
With such a life style my Dad never shared any thoughts ( May be he would have felt that we were too young to load us)of any of his aspirations or visions.
I would wish to state a fact that - I had sat in front of my Dad and talked or discussed issues for the first occasion was MY MARRIAGE while I was 29 years old.I am not trying to portray my dad as a HITLER.. but that was how it was.. All our wishes and needs were taken care of by our Mom and subsequently my two beloved Sisters ( From buying books, going to a football match, buying new dresses, any intermediate requirements our Saviour was Mom.
I still starkly remember that day when my Dad sincerely regretted for not having owned a house all by himself.It was quite heartening
I would console myself seeing my eldest sister who after her marriage ( while I was studying 4th standard) quite skillfully managed her family, my Brother-in-law was a Professor with very similar commitments as my Father..but she had bought a house it was an occasion I still see...but lived for a short span..due to family commitments they had to liquidate it.A very sad scene..
Well all these were playing in my mind and during my last trip to India , I saw to that I accomplish this by buying a flat in Chennai....

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