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Well, now I am taking up one unique subject that had been quizzing me ..ever since I attempted to understand or rather still trying to comprehend...!!!" AUSPICIOUS MOMENTS.. GOOD OMEN.. "
Well OMEN : As I comprehend:That it is a phenomenon that predicts the out come of the attempt..!and this is pegged with factors such as what one observes and both ( The subject & the Object) are subject to scrutiny!!
My first experience with omen..My Dad had never left home for work until my Mom sprinkles water at the entrance and decorates the entrance with " KOLAM" and when ever he steps out of the house it has to be my Mom or any of my Sisters, had anybody else like our maid servants had accidentally happened to cross the path it would be catastrophic Day for my Dad meeting with an accident or some untoward, disagreeable situation for that would be of worse outcome.. and my Mom had been quite sincere that she never let anyone to cross over other than her or my sisters ...

While my beloved sister Chandra was pregnant and my Granny would see the omen for every action of my sister, from sitting, eating, going out, in fact for every movement of hers' ... I used to feel sorry for my sister - Chandra ..( Though for Jaya she was little pragmatic and we all had grown up I was studying 10th standard while my nephew PRABHU was born) that she began to pray that no bad omen be sighted for any of her casual activities.. With all such sentimental precautions and on her trip to the hospital for delivery, while she set out to the hospital.. ( In those days fire woods would be loaded in a bullock cart and would reach the Sunday Market crossing our house, this was a weekly affair and that was certain..) and the cart crossing coincided with the departure of my sister to the hospital...All( Mom, Granny, Aunts..) became very sentimental and emotional...and incidentally.. the labor was stretched and little complicated.. as the baby.. ( My niece KAVITHA) was over weight and my sister was anemic with some gyaenic complications at that age of mine ( 11 years )I believed it was because of the " BAD OMEN " that my sister had delivered her baby by siccorian it was debated quite feverishly .. and all proclaimed so..

Well in Vedic astrology one can have the " INCIDENTS / ACCIDENTS !! foretold...

Yes .. My mother in law decided to visit my parents to get our marriage proposal agreed by parents.. Who were at that instant where at my Granny's house in Neravy . She always gets counseled by Mr. Ratnam and my Father In Law at that time was on his Auditing Tour down the districts. The plan was like this I would accompany Ramani and her Mom to Trichy from Chennai, Her Dad would meet us at Trichy and from there we were suppose to head to Karaikal..
Mr. Ratnam was little agitated but yet quite composedly but with a note of caution he wished us good luck but he did confide his speculation to my Mother In Law.. and advised to be careful on our journey!!!!
We.. ( Ramani, her Mom and ME) we started our journey by bus to Trichy.. well though it was unplanned.. and considering the emergency of the situation we chose to travel by BUS.. and we were lucky to have the seats in the middle of the bus.. where I assumed that it was a safe bet in terms of safety while traveling by the BUS...!

The journey began..and in between we had a stop over, where refreshed ourself and since the journey through the night it was quite and I had this habit of traveling too often and I was enjoying the chill breeze and the striking head lights of the on coming vehicles..the dark night.. cool full moon that accompanied us along the bus.. playing hide and seek with the bushes, shrubs and trees that were racing behind us.. You know ,the pleasant and happy moments are never ever lasting.. .
There was a big bang sound and the bus wobbled and came to a halt.... I was little dazed.. with the people scrambling out and none was concerned about others.. I was transfixed as, within minutes, the whole bus was empty and only Ramani, her Mom and me were left out , with commotion around, I dragged myself out of the shock , as I saw my Mother In Law was covered with the crystals of the glass covering her face.. and all over her. I did not want to imagine anything wierd, as I turned to other side I saw Ramani in one full shape with no visible damages..!then, shaking her out of the trans.. we shook her Mom.. she was going limp.. I scurried down to the driver.. the whole lot of the passengers had got down and the the driver was completely out of his mind...I asked for the "First Aid Box..." he was sorrowfully looking at me ,as if , I had asked him a million rupees...and..there wasn't one in the BUS eventually, I made Ramani and her Mom get up and come near the door to exit.. The door had got jammed and it would not open.. and outside it was pitch dark.. and to my astonishment.. none was bothered about others.. and in groups.. most of them waved on to the following BUS and they continued their respective journey..I was shell shocked.. the BUS driver & conductor where lamenting that in their respective service of 30 odd years this had been their first accident and in that situation they did not pay the least attention to the only injured passenger ( My Mother In Law)..
The anger was throttling me and I was really getting crazy.. I just had to use some foul languages.. and then .. there were just about 10 other passengers who could not get their seat into the different BUS that had stopped.. looked at me with some concern..they just cast a slying sorrowful look at me as I was struggling with two ladies at my side.. and the driver and conductor were surveying the damages to the Bus...! The bus was off the road and had got stuck in the ravine hence it couldn't be driven further..! While I waved at another bus that going towards Trichy.. The driver & Conductor where puppeting the damages to the Bus.. I requested the new driver to take me to the Check Post / Police Station.. which seemed about 5 miles detour .. for which he was not ready as he had to stick to his schedule.. Then I had to, really make a scene.. in that middle of the highways.. with no lights.. No medical attention or for the worst First Aid.. for the only injured person of the 70 passengers.. ( My Mother in Law) and Ramani.. weeping at my side out of shock and fear.. while I started demanding the license details of the Driver & Conductor they behaved little civilized ..

They drove the Bus to the Police Station... again.. just a 4 walled structure.. with a lantern burning and there were 2 policemen one had his leg on the table and snoring away in his sleep and the other was having his face covered with a towel to protect from the mosquitoes and happily sleeping with the twitching of the cricket and croaking of the frogs in the background..I was getting more agitated as it took some time for us to wake them up, make them come to sense, explain them.. about the accident and mentioning that the Conductor and the driver who had stayed at the accident site .. and eventually.. there too I could not get any Medical First Aid..!!!and I was advised that it would be better for us to reach Trichy where would get the proper treatment.. and with great frustration I was worried seeing Ramani weeping and my In Law. with a bump on her fore head which was such a freakish accident where for a person sitting in the middle of the bus.. the handle of the sliding glass window..tears through the steel rods that shield the window pane.. got banged on to her her forehead.. the passengers.. who were either in front or at the back had not even a scratch.. and to my surprise the window glass where she was sitting was broken and apart from that there was nothing else.. it was beyond imagination....

By then about a couple of hours would have passed by by then.. from the wound I could see the blood started trickling.. which gave me a relief as the bleeding injury was external.. as we had some water with a kerchief we wet it with the water and padded it and with that we reached the 24 hours clinic and there again I had another shock waiting.. -The doctor on duty had just taken break and we had to wait for another an hour and after the formalities of filling the forms and enclosing the police it was an accident.. the Doctor attended to her.. on emergency they took an x-ray and later mentioned nothing to worry but had the injury treated with bandage..

We were more worried as the attempt to meet my Family with Ramani's has began with such an incident.. with Ramani's Mom having herself covered with bandage cloth..and while her Dad came and joined.. he was first confused as we had to relate the incident / accident as a petty issue.. he too bought the story .. though the second lap of our journey was tiring but I was so confused thinking over the sequence of the accident.. I could not really come to any logical comprehension.. mulling over the scene..

The scene at my Granny's house.. was very adventurous and cinematic ...well.. it warrants more detailed narration, which I would definetly do but sometime later but then my sister Jaya and Chinna Athan who had been accompanying us.. were little quizzical seeing Ramani's Mom, while I narrated the accident.. they were flabbergasted.. then they immediately.. took her to the clinic had a complete check up done before we departed to Chennai...
While we were returning back.. my Mother In Law very hesitantly mentioned that Mr. Ratnam who visited us before our departure had cautioned her mentioning that we would meet such an accident.. in the middle of the road...which she did not dare to share with us wondering that we might get frightened..!!!!

A coincidence does not prove a relationship, but related events may be expected to have a coincidence. From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively....So should one consider.. OMEN.. as anything relevant in ones' day to day life.. Please advise me..

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